Carole Parent @CaroleParent
Seagull taking food off Sea Lion at Santa Cruz Wharf ystrday #G10K - see you in Norwich 2017! #birds pic.twitter.com/UvTi42KCfw
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Monica Munoz-Torres @monimunozto
Dear @faangomics, very nice to make your acquaintance at #G10K. We look forward to exploring your powerful tools! Love, #GO & #WebApollo :)
Kate Wong @katewong
Head is spinning from all the amazing things I learned at #g10k. Thanks to those of you who patiently answered my gajillion questions!
Cedric 👾 Feschotte @CedricFeschotte
Shout out to all of you for live tweeting all the great science and good vibes from #G10K.
Kathy Belov @KathyBelov
Looking for next #G10K meeting in UK. Hosted by the amazing @TGACVertebrates
Kathy Belov @KathyBelov
Thanks @bonesandbugs for hosting a wonderful conference. Wonderful to catch up with old friends and make new friends #G10K
André Soares @andre_elias
#G10K is over. What a great conference, learned a lot and met some cool people. :D hats off to all presenters and organizers. :)
Rebecca Johnson @DrRebeccaJ
A huge thank you to Beth Shapiro @bonesandbugs for hosting a truly fantastic #G10K meeting! Great science, great fun, can't wait till 2017!!
Jen The Animal Steel @hurdygurdygurl
@katewong @sciam what's your best definition on species now, why change it? #g10k
Helen Taylor @HelenTaylorCG
Cool stuff coming out of #G10K conference: new African jackal species, antibodies from marsupial pouches, no koala subspecies and much more!
Rebecca Johnson @DrRebeccaJ
the 2017 #G10K is announced by Beth Shapiro @bonesandbugs that the next conference will be hosted by Federica Di Palma TGAC @GenomeAnalysis
Oliver Ryder @frozenzoo
Not with a wimper but with a bang! Shapiro summarized the 3 days in brilliant hilarious one-liners in a few minutes. #G10K @bonesandbugs
Christian Olsen @huntr_seekr
Job very well done @bonesandbugs! Thanks for all of your hard work with #G10K and for letting @Geneious be a small part of things!
Monica Munoz-Torres @monimunozto
ET: deep understanding of causal mechs of ageing & key molec pathways cd be modified 2 halt, alleviate, & reverse this process in man #G10K
Greta Frankham @GretaFrankham
@KathyBelov @DrRebeccaJ I hope everyone loved the #teamkoala science at #G10k. Great to see our koala mascots heading all over the world!
Monica Munoz-Torres @monimunozto
ET: Study ageing go to Brittany, find gothic churches, hire young biologists, capture bats, draw blood in the dark #Gothic #Gory #Fun #G10K
GigaScience @GigaScience
ET talking about 1st published bat genomes by BGI. We dug out associated assemblies & annotations for Halloween blogs.biomedcentral.com/gigablog/2013/… #G10K
Monica Munoz-Torres @monimunozto
@EmmaTeeling1: Lean & fit bats, true self-powered flight. 19 spp mammals live longer than human. Live fast & live long? The wings?! #G10K
Scott Edmunds @SCEdmunds
Bats reservoir for Ebola, MERS, SARS etc., so crazy TCM tells people to eat their faeces chineseherbinfo.com/ye-ming-sha-ba… #G10K
GigaScience @GigaScience
ET: Longest lived mammal - Bowhead whale lives >200 years, but 200 tons & lives in cold water. Bats more realistic ageing model #G10K
Kathy Belov @KathyBelov
1 in 5 mammals are bats. Their genomes hold the secrets of everlasting youth. Teeling #G10K
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