The Advances in Genome Biology & Technology conference, February 25-28, 2015.
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nextgenseek @nextgenseek
10X Genomics Launches GemCod Platform, Provides Long Range Information with Short Read Sequencing stg.tenx.tenx.cgstack.com/sites/default/… #AGBT15
Richard Sever Ⓤ @cshperspectives
Heading to #AGBT15 LGA->RSW. Looking forward to hearing about genomics and re-experiencing civilised temperatures!
Cell Systems @CellSystemsCP
Cell Systems cell.com/cell-systems, the newest journal from Cell Press, for 'omics, systems biology and more. Meet the editor at #AGBT15
Pamela Mahoney @PamelaJMahoney
At #AGBT15 Learn about @RainDanceTech products for #liquidbiopsy applications - Lanai Suite 182 Marco Island Marriott ln.is/www.bioportfol…
#Code2Cure @code2cure
Come by the Everglades Room for meet-and-greets with Roche Sequencing #AGBT15! Check out our demo kiosk or... fb.me/4fIk7aW4g
Thermo Fisher @thermofisher
Lanai Suite 193 2/26 11:45am Simon Cawley wants to help you "pimp your informatics" using custom variant calling parameters: #AGBT15
Ion Torrent @iontorrent
Lanai Suite 193 2/26 11:45am Simon Cawley wants to help you "pimp your informatics" using custom variant calling parameters: #AGBT15
Sharon Plon @splon
I hope we don't have speakers lost to weather this year #AGBT15
#Code2Cure @code2cure
Wine Reception tomorrow night! Come meet Bina and Roche Sequencing at #AGBT15, Everglades Room.
Orli Bahcall @obahcall
NYC press express shuttling to #AGBT15 while prepping for our exciting conference coverage @naturemethods @Julia_Karow @GenomeWeb
Karyn Meltz @KMS_Meltzy
Life is pretty awesome right now. Join us later at 2 in Palms Sentry room for GRC workshop! #AGBT15 pic.twitter.com/cFcmLxVQrO
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Giuseppe Narzisi @gnarzisi
On my way to #AGBT15 looking forward to meeting old and new friends.
RainDance @RainDanceTech
Meet with the RainDance team in Lanai Suite #182 to learn more about ThunderBolts #AGBT15 bit.ly/1ajSbP2 pic.twitter.com/ThNhKbqFsY
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10x Genomics @10xGenomics
10X Genomics in pleased to announce the launch of the GemCode Platform! #AGBT15 bit.ly/1GuQWqJ
prithwishpal @omespeak
Not at #AGBT15 but expect a lot of RTs from some of the major announcements there.
Dylan @dylpoll
Attending #AGBT15? Join @DNAnexus at these events and meet the team in person. LOTS of exciting news to be announced! ow.ly/JDQBt
Meredith Salisbury @salisburymw
Gaa! What is that yellow orb in the sky? The wonders of Marco and #agbt15
J Brothers II @bioinfomagician
Flight to #AGBT15 diverted to Charlotte, NC due to medical emergency on board. Hope the person and their family are okay.
prithwishpal @omespeak
First major #AGBT15 announcement MT @10xgenomics: 10X Genomics is pleased to announce launch of GemCode Platform! bit.ly/1GuQWqJ
Fluidigm @fluidigm
@AlbertVilella We've got some pretty exciting things to announce at #AGBT15. Everyone should stop by the #IdealLab in Capri 2&3 for a peek.
Illumina @illumina
Illumina #AGBT15 User Group Meeting webcast in a few mins, may be some audio issues that we're working to fix. bit.ly/1FswKVA
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