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[UNIK!] Ilustrasi 3D Street Art Painting


3D Street Painting sebenarnya adalah lukisan 2D yang dilukis di jalanan, untuk menimbulkan ilusi 3D


@UnusualFactPage: Amazing 3D street painting .......superb” I wouldn't be able to walk on this street😂😂

25/02/2015 21:49:54 WIB
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URL 50 Absolutely Stunning 3D Street Art (Paintings) 3d Street Art, often known as 3d chalk art is 2-dimensional artwork drawn on the street itself that gives you a 3-dimensional optical illusion from a certain perspective. It can be very breathtaking, realistic and at the same time captivating once you get

@PutinRF_Eng Amazing Drawings @DrawingX 3D painting easing stunts ' BE CAREFULL TO ROAD HOLE

26/02/2015 22:26:28 WIB
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Frozen Movie @FrozenMOVlE

3D paint of an freezing river .. Pretty painting by unknown artist #3d #paint #people #ice #frozen

26/02/2015 01:44:41 WIB
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Ini dia cara pembuatannya dalam bentuk time lapse


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