Tatjana Kristek @taivanko
@abfromz @saraska67 @BartVerswijvel my first experience with you and for sure not the last. It's beginning!You are great!!!#etwion
Arjana Blazic @abfromz
@saraska67 @BartVerswijvel There'll be more #etwion chats in the future! #eTwinning10 teachers love them and so do we #aretw
ntrkelay @trkelay
@BartVerswijvel @abfromz You are great. Thank you for this awesome experience #etwion
ntrkelay @trkelay
Dear participants I am very happy to have a chance for shairing our experience. I have learnt much. Saty in touch #etwion
Fran Prendes @FPVMus
#etwion #AReTW I don't feel like saying bye. For sure I'll keep trying the apps and I'll keep sharing my activities with you all. CU in eT
Anthippi Harou 💻 @AnthippiHarou
@abfromz #ETWION I loved interacting with so many like-minded people! Thank you, all!
Sandra Macabre @sandramacabre
@abfromz I should use AR in some coming projects. Just the time to feel more confident at using it. #etwion
Arjana Blazic @abfromz
@BartVerswijvel will chirpify all the tweets with the hashtag #etwion and post it later on
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