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Resources from Mrs. Hinger's Twitter PLN 9/15/11

Found some great resources this week for teachers of all subjects, administration, and my librarian friends. Enjoy!
Booksource @Booksource

Okay, Hunger Games addicts (adult and young adult alike) we think you will like these other Dystopian Lit titles too!

09/09/2011 00:50:02 WIB
Jessica V Allen @jessievaz12

Ooo..I love this list!=>21 Signs You’re a 21st Century Teacher – SimpleK12 #edchat #edtech #ibpyp

09/09/2011 00:59:17 WIB
Donna Baumbach @AuntyTech

Internet Memes 101: A Guide to Online Wackiness (memes you should know) #edtech #tlchat

09/09/2011 05:31:46 WIB

The critical role of the arts throughout a whole child education [podcast]: #artsed @wholechildadv

09/09/2011 06:20:02 WIB
Writing Project @writingproject

#NWP Radio: Corey Harbaugh didn't plan on making a holocaust seminar relate to 9/11, but there was a natural tie

09/09/2011 06:20:30 WIB
Writing Project @writingproject

#NWP Radio: Students often shut down around traumatic subjects; addressing the silence is key to moving forward

09/09/2011 06:33:17 WIB
NY Public Library @nypl

Money Matters. Take control of your future, explore Personal Finance Education at NYPL.

09/09/2011 06:35:03 WIB
Shannon McClintock Miller @shannonmmiller

Constitution Day: Exploring the Creation of the Constitution Online @librarycongress

09/09/2011 06:35:05 WIB
Prezi @prezi

Need help getting started? Join our "Getting Started" webinar on Thursdays at 9 am PST -

09/09/2011 07:16:00 WIB
Writing Project @writingproject

#NWP Radio: If you missed tonight's amazing show on teaching difficult topics and the 10th anniversary of #911, visit:

09/09/2011 08:00:17 WIB
Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

Class Tools - One of my favorite sites for creating graphic organizers.

09/09/2011 08:11:15 WIB
Amber Teamann @8Amber8

#tichat archive, DONE! :) The role of the tech integ specialist and & how 2 balance tech support w/curriculum integ.?

09/09/2011 08:23:35 WIB
Laura H DeSena @judeobsc17

Fascinating: researchers at Univ of Calif say reading the end of a story first is possibly the way to go #engchat

10/09/2011 04:41:19 WIB

Information Literacy in schools on @scoopit the latest news using Scoopit

11/09/2011 18:45:03 WIB
Dr Joan McGettigan @drmcgettigan

7 Stories From Educators About Teaching In The Flipped Classroom #edtech #edchat #isedchat #edtech (a good read)

11/09/2011 21:00:39 WIB
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