#edchatie Number 151

A weekly discussion by Irish educators. The topic was “SEN pupils in mainstream schools but no extra supports", Mon 23rd February, 2015.
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fboss @fboss
Tonight's #edchatie discussion is on "SEN pupils in mainstream schools but no extra supports" Join in online from 8.30pm (Irish time).
LangTeachersIreland @LangTeachersIre
Tonight's #edchatie discussion looks at 'SEN in mainstream but no supports.' #spedchat Join in on the discussion... fb.me/2IC8cMALL
Irish Education News @IrishEducation
Don't forget #edchatie happens every Monday 20:30-21:30. Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.
Maggie Green McFadden @MaggieMGreen
Would love to go to #edchatie tonight but can't make it. Will definitely catch up on it though.
Mary Foskin @m2thefizzle
@fit_teachers @paulcollinstipp #edchatie is on at 8.30. You should tweet the details this evening to a larger audience:-)
fboss @fboss
In 5 minutes on #edchatie tonight, we discuss "SEN pupils in mainstream schools but no extra supports" See you online soon
fboss @fboss
Welcome back from the mid-term & to tonight's #edchatie As usual, before we begin, please introduce yourself. Don't forget the hashtag!
Neil Butler @mrNeilButler
Neil, maths, applied maths. currently studying for a grad diploma in SEN in st pat’s. #edchatie
Ruth @RMMul
Hi Ruth, parent, Cork with special interest in tonight's topic Worried about implications.. #edchatie
Catherine Mangan 💝 @catherinem23
inclusion is so important but without the correct resources all we do is make the lives of SEN pupils even harder #edchatie
merrybeau @merrybeau1
Mary PrimaryTeacher N.Wicklow That we have SEN pupils in mainstream is right+good; that there are no extra supports is shameful #edchatie
Mary Foskin @m2thefizzle
Mary in Waterford here. Forgot last week wasn't on:-) #edchatie
Fittest IrishTeacher @fit_teachers
Fittest Irish Teacher comp Apr 18 Mary Immac Lmk. 5k run+obstacle course+2.5k run. Open to all teachers. Craic guaranteed #edchatie
fboss @fboss
Fred Boss, art teacher, Drogheda, currently with @NCCAie Looking forward to learning about SEN on tonight's #edchatie
Bernie Goldbach @topgold
Bernie in Tipp. Lecturer by day. Working with delayed language intervention techniques through an HSE programme. #edchatie
Catherine Mangan 💝 @catherinem23
" the mild child will have difficulty fitting into the world of their typically developing friends" Brendan O'Connor #edchatie
Mary Foskin @m2thefizzle
I applied to the SESS a few years back for help for a child with behavioural difficulties. Do you know how long I waited? 3 years. #edchatie
merrybeau @merrybeau1
SEN students in mainstream leads naturally to inclusion in the community but lack of supports place SEN students at a disadvantage #edchatie
Laurence Cuffe @CuffeL
Laurence Cuffe Maths tutor Youthreach (among other roles) #edchatie
Kevin Foley @FoleyKev
Kevin Foley a Teaching Principal in rural Cavan.INTO District 5 treasurer. #edchatie
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