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Arianna @Rennrenteria

I want to see fifty shades of Grey 😩

20/02/2015 06:30:06 WIB
ali @pointfaible

will you get horny if i whisper a part of fifty shades of grey in finnish

20/02/2015 06:29:40 WIB
Nathalie Holmsve♛ ‏ @dritt0ngen

Mamma etter å ha sett Fifty Shades of Grey: "No ska æ bættre bruk heisa når vi kjem heim, kanskje står'n der å vente på mæ."

20/02/2015 06:29:39 WIB
Jennise Rivera🍒🍌 @Jennise_Rivera

I want to go see fifty shades of grey again😩😍👌

20/02/2015 06:29:23 WIB
Hal g @HaleighGlasgow

I just want someone to take me to see fifty shades of grey

20/02/2015 06:29:21 WIB


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