#Kabulattack (13 September 2011)

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Jerome Starkey @jeromestarkey

9-ton truck bomb which injured 100+ at US base in Wardak went off next to dining room at supper time, suggests Taliban surveillance.

12/09/2011 15:25:13 WIB
Jerome Starkey @jeromestarkey

@dgjpao do you think the Taleban don't survey, reconnoitre and run agents? They are a sophisticated enemy.

12/09/2011 16:42:47 WIB
Kabul Pressistan @Pressistan

Taliban had earlier claimed to me that they were fighting with army since last night. MoD now said 16 rebels killed there. #Afghanistan

13/09/2011 15:44:06 WIB

Hearing about a sucide attack in Chare Abdul Haq. I was there an hour ago visiting Halal Fried Chicken

13/09/2011 15:59:39 WIB
Kabul Pressistan @Pressistan

Two bangs heard near the US embassy and ISAF HQ

13/09/2011 16:02:04 WIB

Attackers possibly more than two were hiding& at a shopping mall under construction right across from Charai Abdul Haq. Counter - terrorism

13/09/2011 16:02:07 WIB

Building several story high& over looks key government offices&several Westren embassies

13/09/2011 16:03:42 WIB
Blake News @blakehounshell

Kabul tweeps reporting explosions in Abdul Haq Sq., Kabul, not far from the U.S. Embassy. "Gunfire ongoing" says @LNajafizada.

13/09/2011 16:05:24 WIB
Quentin Sommerville @sommervilletv

Bangs and gunfire heard here. ISAF sirens and "this is not a drill", can be heard

13/09/2011 16:07:00 WIB

Kabul NDS sources say, at least five attackers may have taken refuge in the building under construction in Charai Abdul Haq

13/09/2011 16:08:55 WIB
Quentin Sommerville @sommervilletv

Marines on roof of embassy. Another explosion and plume of smoke.

13/09/2011 16:10:17 WIB

BREAKING: OMG... Explosions and gunfire reported in central Kabul. #Afghanistan

13/09/2011 16:11:15 WIB
Dan Murphy @bungdan

Ambassador Crocker: "“The biggest problem in Kabul is traffic" http://t.co/uLfv0BI

13/09/2011 16:12:13 WIB

Didn't see any extra security at Charahai A Haq or police - an hour ago, I went there. Area strategic as it leads to US embassy

13/09/2011 16:15:48 WIB
Kabul Pressistan @Pressistan

The attackers believed to be five persons taking position in tall building that overlooks the US embassy

13/09/2011 16:16:14 WIB
Blake News @blakehounshell

RT @bsarwary Didn't see any extra security at Charahai A Haq or police - an hour ago, I went there. Area strategic as it leads to US embassy

13/09/2011 16:16:55 WIB
☪️Josh Black Lives Matteryar✡️ @JShahryar

Armed battle going between police and insurgents in Kabul's Abdul Haq Square per partially confirmed reports. #Afghanistan

13/09/2011 16:17:50 WIB
Blake News @blakehounshell

RT @HabibKhanT: Panic in wazir akbar khan. Everybody is runing. Police are shouting on every car. #Kabulattack

13/09/2011 16:18:12 WIB
Kabul Pressistan @Pressistan

Another explosion likely from a rocket and gunfight on Wazir Akbar Khan area

13/09/2011 16:19:46 WIB
Blake News @blakehounshell

Oh that is not good. At all. RT @LNajafizada: Attackers fire rockets towards the US embassy.

13/09/2011 16:20:20 WIB

BREAKING: Confirmed - Explosions near U.S. Embassy and ISAF in the centre of #Kabul, #Afghanistan

13/09/2011 16:20:38 WIB
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