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The DM Reporter @DMReporter
SURVEY: We know you love the Daily Mail, but why are we your favourite paper? Tweet praise using #ireadthedailymail and we’ll RT the best.
Dave Holloway @DaveMedlo
#ireadthedailymail because without I’d not know the ethnic makeup of an iPhone queue was a metaphor for Britain.
50ShadesOfBeige @Iram_Ramzan
@DMReporter #ireadthedailymail because I need to know exactly what those dirty foreigners are spending my hard-earned tax on
jacksheppard @bristolnoborder
#ireadthedailymail coz i like to look at women & young girls in bikinis while being told pornography is evil
Gareth @gwinch
#ireadthedailymail because of its balanced, informed and reasoned coverage of the EU; human rights; and immigration
RLD @Horatio_Tolatop
#ireadthedailymail because that's what Princess Diana would have wanted.
Papas World @PapasWorld27
@DMReporter #ireadthedailymail because I can find no joy in anything and everything.
#IReadTheDailyMail website because I love the nice, clean, family orientated nature of the photos on the sidebar.
Bernie Fishnotes @BernieFishnotes
#ireadthedailymail because I want to see cleavage in pictures of missing schoolchildren
Kath Anderson @Kathfanderson
@DMReporter #ireadthedailymail because I've given up thought to concentrate on righteous indignation.
Matthew Judge @MattyJudge
#Ireadthedailymail because of it's objective coverage of women's issues
Duke Bison Sexhorn & Knuckles, III @Brainmage
I gain sexual gratification from forcing live mice through electric pencil-sharpeners. #ireadthedailymail
Matthew Judge @MattyJudge
#ireadthedailymail because the bbc is a leftist, royalist, tax wasting propaganda machine that kills pandas and steals candy from babies
moomin @morriseymemes
#ireadthedailymail cause i like reading overly moral stories complaining about society and then seeing half naked celebrities.
Dave @MediocreDave
#ireadthedailymail occasionally because it runs news stories I'm interested in.
David Smith @dave_wm
#ireadthedailymail because I appreciate Richard Littlejohn's balanced, fair, objective opinions.
Tara @TheBluestStar
#ireadthedailymail because I like to be constantly reminded that everything is going to give me cancer
🌹Tío de Ansiedad🌹 @Uncle_Worry
#ireadthedailymail because what's an erection without the accompanying anger and guilt
Suddenly Tim @SuddenlyTim
#ireadthedailymail to help me identify the drastic differences between races. I find it hard to notice otherwise.
Adnan R.Siddiqui @AdnanRSiddiqui0
#ireadthedailymail because as a bearded Muslim GP I want to know what I'm responsible for today and to profoundly apologise for it
Dame Lady Gardener OBE @_Lady_Gardener
#ireadthedailymail because I'm just a silly woman, and my hands and brain are too small for those complicated broadsheets
“Anne. My Anne with an E” @faayza
Haha love how the #ireadthedailymail trend has been hijacked by people taking the piss. Times like these I love twitter people 😄
The DM Reporter @DMReporter
SURVEY: #ireadthedailymail hashtag is now trending. Well done everybody. We’re getting some invaluable feedback. Thank you!
Sam Randall @Sandall73
#ireadthedailymail because it's Britain's foremost authority on the causes of cancer. And heart disease. And cellulite.
New Rules For A New Life @newrulesnewlife
#ireadthedailymail because it is the acceptable way to see tits when you are at work.
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