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SCOOPS from Castle Library - Chirpstory #1

I've just discovered Chirpstory, a fun way to organize the latest Twitter news on topics of one's choice. I'm using it here to create a collection of resources and tools I think our faculty might find interesting. I'll continue to add to this Chirpstory during the holiday break, and email it to our teachers. Then I'll do a weekly version from then on to the end of the schoool year. Read More
Linda Higgins (Lindsay) @mauilibrarian2

"They Tried 2 Teach Me w/ #Edtech" Funny @Go!Animate creation - This might make your #oldschool #teachers laugh! #tlchat

21/12/2010 01:56:06 WIB
Linda Higgins (Lindsay) @mauilibrarian2

BBC Learning English Widget Definitely emailing our English teachers about this! #engchat #edchat

19/12/2010 21:17:30 WIB
Linda Higgins (Lindsay) @mauilibrarian2

Admirable! Group working to provide Free Online Interactive Children's Books #books #kidslit #tlchat

19/12/2010 19:33:11 WIB
Linda Higgins (Lindsay) @mauilibrarian2

Bing vs. Google Yes, I'm a have-my-pie-&-eat-it-too person. I think our students will love this #search option. #edtech

19/12/2010 00:15:40 WIB
Linda Higgins (Lindsay) @mauilibrarian2

HURRAY! SkyFire 4 #iPad - Plays #Flash Videos, Coming 4 Christmas ✓out the 8 cool features on demo vid #edtech #tlchat

18/12/2010 20:03:24 WIB


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