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10 September 2011 was the inauguration of the Thessaloniki International Fair (#dethRead More
John Pagonis @JohnPagonis

I fear this weekend at #deth in Thessaloniki the full "Shock Doctrine" will be applied by GR gov, riot police and friends.. #greekrevolution

10/09/2011 15:07:42 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece Reminder: hashtag for 10-11/09 protests is #deth + #Syntagma for Athens, #skg for Thessaloniki #rbnews

10/09/2011 15:18:32 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece Inauguration today of 76th Thessaloniki Intl Fair, annual big business event where PM gives major speech on economic policy. #deth

10/09/2011 15:23:58 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece Hashtag #deth stands for Greek acronym of Thessaloniki Intl Fair.

10/09/2011 15:24:59 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

Large protests expected in Thessaloniki #skg Athens #Syntagma & other towns in #Greece because of #deth.

10/09/2011 15:26:06 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#deth protests are against austerity measures, economic & financial schemes that benefit banks more than ppl, pol & econ corruption #Greece

10/09/2011 15:27:49 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #deth protests are kicking off now in some places but most will start after 15:00 in #skg & culminate at 19:00 in #skg & #Syntagma

10/09/2011 15:31:41 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece Since yesterday tweeps from #skg report an extremely heavy police presence for #deth.

10/09/2011 15:32:47 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

\just got into centre of Thessaloniki, full of police no one else, the town is so quiet it's like holidya season when everyone goes to beach

10/09/2011 15:39:36 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

Y/day chatted to guy who says he's taking his family (including pregnant wife) away from centre, afraid of what's going to happen

10/09/2011 15:40:42 WIB
Dionne BCN @DioneJacomel

Traffic is stopped at the centre of Athens at the moment (Stadiou St - up to Amerikis Sq) due to public demonstrations via @astynomia Police

10/09/2011 15:50:46 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

At least 9 separate protests planned for today, taxi drivers, footie fans, students, communists, Los Indignados, and about everyone else

10/09/2011 15:54:25 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

Remember for today's events in Thessaloniki the hash tag is #deth and some are using #skg

10/09/2011 15:56:24 WIB
John Pagonis @JohnPagonis

For today's #deth @radio9gr is reporting that the Greek PM will not visit the expo's booths to avoid heckling etc #greekrevolution

10/09/2011 16:07:08 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

Just seen another coach full of riot police pass by, 5th in 15 mins, #deth

10/09/2011 16:08:47 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

10, sorry 11th no, 12th coach with riot police just passd by. Is anything happening in the centre? #deth

10/09/2011 16:20:48 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

Greece's state run NET TV news hit new low y/day. Coverage of PM's vivit to Thessaloniki cut out all refs to any protests. Pure Pravda #deth

10/09/2011 16:22:04 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

3 more coaches hust passed by, each holds a platoon of riot police about 25 men, make that 7 all going alone sea front towards trade fair

10/09/2011 16:23:22 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

I went by the trade fair about an hour ago and the perimeter is lined with riot police, plus motorcylce units around uni campus

10/09/2011 16:26:00 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece At least 19 buses of riot police, each platoon +/- 25 cops, moving towards #deth exhibition centre in #skg via @teacherdude #rbnews

10/09/2011 16:27:08 WIB
Teacher Dude @teacherdude

Lots of undercover cops,but they're easy to spot,just look for dodgy youngish guys in causal clothes wearing shades, giving people evil eye

10/09/2011 16:30:11 WIB
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