#SLPchat is Back - Jan 25, 2015

#slpchat is 4 years old and it was on hiatus but is back in business. This chat focusses on how people use socmed for professional interactions.
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

Hello and welcome back to our first #slpchat for 2015. Thanks for joining us. We’re glad to be back after our extended break.

26/01/2015 02:02:58 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

Who’s here? What area are you in and how long have you been using twitter professionally? #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:05:44 WIB
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist

I'm here! I've been tweeting with this handle since February 2009! :) #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:06:09 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

Bear with us, folks, as we get back into practice tweeting as ourselves and @slpchat simultaneously! It’s been a while… #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:06:13 WIB
Karie Reilly @scarie

#slpchat I'm in Ireland , don't use Twitter professionally too much but doing so off and on for maybe 4 years or more!

26/01/2015 02:06:47 WIB
Yvette McCoy MS CCC @yjohnsonmccoy

@SLPChat I'm here! I've been using Twitter professionally for 2 year #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:07:03 WIB
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya

I’ve been tweeting professionally since March 2010, I think… #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:07:06 WIB
Susan Yackolow @SYackolow_SLP

here! Using twitter since about 2013. currently working with MS students #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:07:13 WIB
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya

Forgot to mention, I’m in Canada and I’m a school-based SLP #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:07:56 WIB
Angela Rogers Saus ☕️ @CrissXAppleSaus

I've been using Twitter for over two years now (2012); switched from @ColtDancer username about a year ago. #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:08:11 WIB
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist

Feels good to be here again, meeting many #slpeeps after long! #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:08:16 WIB
Karie Reilly @scarie

I'll be participating in an #SLPChat for the a while. Non SLPs feel free to ignore me for a bit :)

26/01/2015 02:08:18 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

REMEMBER to be sure and put #slpchat in every tweet so everyone sees your tweets/responses!

26/01/2015 02:08:30 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

I have no clue how long I've been using Twitter. A while. #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:08:37 WIB
Shareka @speechreka

I'm here as both myself and @slpchat (so bear with me). Tweeting since 2009 #OG and I'm in private practice. #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:08:51 WIB
Angela Rogers Saus ☕️ @CrissXAppleSaus

I'm in Missouri, school-based and private early childhood therapy. #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:08:55 WIB
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya

@apujo5 November 2010? or 2011? I think 2010. You got on with ASHA con that year. (and gave me a scoring CD I still use!) #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:09:20 WIB
Mary @MTMarySLP

@SLPChat (forgot the hashtag! LOL). I've been tweeting professionally since Oct 2009. Living in North Dakota. #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:09:24 WIB
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work with preschoolers and district AAC specialist. #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:09:43 WIB
Shareka @speechreka

@apujo5 You're one of the originals too! So forever lol. #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:09:44 WIB
Bridget De Yager @slpbridget

It’s been a while, but I’m here! School-based SLP, been on Twitter….oh…3 or 4 years? Pretty quiet the last bit. #slpchat

26/01/2015 02:09:56 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5

@SLPTanya Oh. Good call!! I think my first convention was #

26/01/2015 02:09:59 WIB
megan panatier @MeganPanatier

.@SLPChat #slpchat I've been tweeting since 2010 but it was @avocadotech and @meganbratti which I don't use anymore :)

26/01/2015 02:10:08 WIB
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