#SLPsnQs Sept 6-8, 2011 [Topic: Learning]

Tweets from the first official week of #SLPsnQs semi-daily discussion. This week, to celebrate 'back to school' the theme was 'learning'.
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
New blog post: Mind your SLPs and Qs (a daily discussion forum) http://t.co/QHk88BR #SLPsnQs #SLpeeps
Katie M @SLP_Echo
@SLPTanya I'm looking forward to the #SLPsnQs tomorrow :) the life of an SLP grad student revolves around more knowledge...more please ;)
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@SLPeepEcho haha, no problem. Don't forget to participate too (although lurking is obviously allowed) #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
What do you hope most to learn this year? How do you plan to learn it? #SLPsnQs <- what's this? read here http://t.co/QHk88BR #SLPeeps
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO
@SLPTanya that is a hard Q to answer within the character limit! But I'm excited that #SLPsnQs has begun!
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO
Goal 1: clinical supervision skills- thru a PD workshop, practical experience, and reflecting on my exp with wise ppl #SLPsnQs
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO
Goal 2: efficiency! I want to keep my desk tidy and my paperwork up to date... is it an impossible dream? any pointers? #SLPsnQs
Katie M @SLP_Echo
@SLPTanya to learn how to use EBP + clinical 'experience' better; I won't always have the answer, knowing where to look #SLPsnQs
Jen @SewingSLP
#SLPsnQs i work in outpt setting but joining in! Gettin married in 2 wks so my goal is learning to balance quality work and quality family
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@SewingSLP thanks for your reply - the Q is open to any SLP in any subfield of SLP! #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
I want to learn more in depth about disorders & remediation of reading skills. I plan to use webinars, journals, books & Twitter #SLPsnQs
Voice&Diction Coach @SpeechCoach1
I want to learn how to implement drama therapy using EBP for children 5 to 14 #SLPsnQs
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO
@SpeechCoach1 what is drama therapy? Could you tweet a definition (or a link) for me, or perhaps for all the #SLPeeps ? #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
whoa - cool! RT @SpeechCoach1: I want to learn how to implement drama therapy using EBP for children 5 to 14 #SLPsnQs
Liza @zealousidler
@SLPTanya I want to learn how to write a good literature review, and I plan to learn through practice, practice, practice. #SLPsnQs #SLP2B
I want to learn everything and need to know everything. But that being a lot to handle, I'd settle for caseload management #slpsnqs
Renena Joy @SLPrj
@SLPTanya more about how to integrate the iPad, particularly in my work with students who have ASD. #SLPsnQs
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist
#SLPsnQs Learn more about tx for Down syndrome and stuttering kiddos. Huge increase of those cases on my caseload.
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
#SLPsnQs RT @Nicole0202: @SLPTanya Hoping to learn more about the effect'ness of parent training.How much retained when a fam moves away?
Stacie Attrill @SAttspeech
@SLPTanya #slpsnqs I'm working on strategies to assist the cultural appropriateness of my (and my students') service delivery #preslp
Lisa SLP @lisakosz
I would like to learn more about the effectiveness of the consultative model for school SLPs. #SLPsnQs
Dr Tricia McCabe @tricmc
... if ultrasound biofeedbck will reduce lateralisat'n of /s/ and if I can get an ultrsound imge showing vocal fold movement! #SLPsnQs
Dr Tricia McCabe @tricmc
#SLPsnQs #2 and I'm writing rsch grants to get the dough to run the research to answer the qn (sounds like the old lady who swallowed a fly)
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