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more or less important facts about WikiLeaks & Julian Assange | 22nd Dec
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ひだ @izraeil_
Confirmed: #Wikileaks' next target is Bank of America - Boing Boing #Assange #BofA
Boing Boing @BoingBoing
Why did Apple remove a Wikileaks app from its store?
Boing Boing @BoingBoing
Assange's "already assassinated" comment, clarified
Mashable @mashable
"WikiLeaks" Becomes a Recognized Word in the English Language -
Mashable @mashable
How WikiLeaks Became the Story of the Year in 2010 [VIDEO] -
Mashable @mashable
Apple Pulls Unofficial WikiLeaks App For Being “Harmful” -
ひだ @izraeil_
#Assange: "I'm not a player, I just fuck a lot." - Boing Boing qt good summary of the recent events #WikiLeaks
James Ball @jamesrbuk
Definitely the cutest #wikileaks video so far: (Wikileaks publishes Santa's naughty list)
Mashable @mashable
“SNL” Skewers Zuckerberg: Is WikiLeaks’ Assange the Hero? [VIDEO] -
Anonymous @AnonyOps
The @NSArchive provides this handy guide to reading #wikileaks cables. Grab it!


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