I Live-tweeted the GOP Debate because of course I did.

I had to switch over to my @stopthemadness account in the middle of the debate. So much Republican fuckery. So few allotted status updates per hour. -ABL/stopthemadness
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

One hour til #ReaganDebate aka GOP Clown Car Fail Parade of Horribles. I'm stocked up on booze. My loins hath been girded. #p2 #TFY

08/09/2011 05:55:03 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

RT @Serr8d: .@AngryBlackLady Why don't you go bake some nice cookies instead. This doesn't concern LeftLibProggs or Dirty Socialists. #ReaganDebate

08/09/2011 05:59:37 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

@Serr8d yes, i know, it's for brainless Teabillies, but I do so enjoy a good circus. #p2 #obama2012 #ReaganDebate

08/09/2011 05:59:59 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

What's up with Peggy Noonan's popped collar. HEY PEGGY. IT'S NOT 1985.

08/09/2011 06:59:13 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Nice pearl necklaces, PEGGY. What lucky son-of-a-gun gave you those? #ReaganDebate #p2

08/09/2011 07:07:14 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Jesus, get it together, ABL. I'm on DVR time. 15 mins. behind.

08/09/2011 07:08:26 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

INdustrial STRAIGHT DEMOCRATS. Not those homo democrats I hate so much. -Santorum #gopdebate

08/09/2011 07:11:00 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Did Herman Cain just wink at me, or does he have some of Santorum's froth in his eye? #gopdebate

08/09/2011 07:11:20 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Shorter Cain: I have a BOLD PLAN (with extra cheese and pepperoni). Buy one get one half off. #gopdebate

08/09/2011 07:11:54 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Huntsman looks so fucking bored. Also? BAD TIE CHOICE, Homey. That's a socialist tie. #gopdebate

08/09/2011 07:12:38 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Huntsman: Reagan flew his own plane and it was powered by jelly beans and Sandinistas. #gopdebate

08/09/2011 07:13:24 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

For a group of whities who hate Obama's blackity blackness, they're all tan as fuck. #gopdebate

08/09/2011 07:13:47 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Oh really. The job crisis is because of fucking 17 year old chicks looking for summer jobs? I doubt it, Chelley. #gopdebate

08/09/2011 07:14:54 WIB
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