YAie from 08th Jan 2015 Topic - Feminism in YA lit.
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#YAIE @booksyaie
Fierce altogether. Thanks for tweeting. @CethanLeahy #YAie
#YAIE @booksyaie
Thank you to all for joinging in with #YAie hope you had fun and made new friends. Who’s going to join us for our next one? #YAie
#YAIE @booksyaie
I dig the dew of your tweets. They reflect all the lost rays. @propermiss #YAie
Deirdre Skullivan @propermiss
@RFLong @clairehennessy @oneilllo @lainajanet It's fine. I'm from Nora Barnacle country. We all get to annoy James Joyce here. Once. #YAie
Deirdre Skullivan @propermiss
People who like books AND feminism make me very happy indeed. Goodnight #YAie I wish there were space to name ye all like Waltons.
#YAIE @booksyaie
A head bowed. Heavy heart. But hope still dusts the way. #JeSuisCharlie From #YAie
Octocon @Octocon
That was a fun hour, it flew in will keep an eye out for #YAie conversations.
Deirdre Skullivan @propermiss
@RFLong @clairehennessy @oneilllo @lainajanet The book? But just like, the endpapers or something. I don't want to resurrect anyone. #YAie
Helen Corcoran @hcor
Great #YAie chat! I'm off to finally eat something...
Michelle King @MoloneyKing
It was great to tweet other YA readers. The next #YAie is Thursday Jan 29th 19.30-20.30GMT Suggest a topic here docs.google.com/forms/d/1u1p0E…
Elaina Ryan @elainajryan
Night #YAie folk - my half-eaten dinner awaits.
Deirdre Skullivan @propermiss
@clairehennessy @oneilllo @lainajanet 1st the coven, then the romance. I'll burn some sage wrapped in Dubliners for you. #YAie
Octocon @Octocon
15 year old CC Pondexter ids as feminist by the end of the book books.google.ie/books/about/C_… #YAie
Christina Banach @ChristinaBanach
Reckon it depends on the narrative arc of the story. Shouldn't be forced, or readers will think you're preaching. @Giora888 @griffski #YAie
Hannah Shorten @HannahShorten
Great conversation tonight #YAie Thanks to @booksyaie and @MoloneyKing Looking forward to the next one on January 29th.
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