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Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Longings, Lessons & Lyrics Take-a-ways from 2014 & desires for 2015

This week's (12.30.14) topic was Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Longings, Lessons & Lyrics Take-a-ways from 2014 & desires for 2015 #HipHopEd is a global network of educators, scholars, leaders, students, artists and professionals leveraging and utilizing #HipHopEd and Reality Pedagogy in to empower young people via the cultural medium of Hip-Hop. Our #HipHopEdRead More
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Welcome 2 #HipHopEd tonight we will share our longings, lessons & lyrics from 2014 that will carry us into 2015 & beyond

31/12/2014 09:00:38 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

We will also be sharing the Top 20 Hip-Hop Songs based on Ed Value as voted on by you during last week's chat #HipHopEd

31/12/2014 09:01:25 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

Although we end this year a bit sad, confused, and angry in regards 2 the present day climate, #HipHopEd work has never been more necessary

31/12/2014 09:01:29 WIB
MLW, Ph.D. @HipHopProf16

#HipHopEd Major lesson from 2014 The sociopolitical Movement connected to HH music is not dead despite prior claims in the early 2000s!

31/12/2014 09:02:06 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

You really made it or just became a prisoner of privilege? You willing to share that information that you been given? #HipHopEd

31/12/2014 09:02:15 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

To get some you give some so pick one. Lose some you win some so have fun. Don't stress or do flips just press on. @asherroth #hiphoped

31/12/2014 09:03:16 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

Live in your heart not your head stupid. When the lens crocked make your amends don't take offense to it. @asherroth #hiphoped

31/12/2014 09:03:39 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

Can't pick up no crown holding what's holding you down. @KillerMikeGTO #hiphoped

31/12/2014 09:03:53 WIB
One Bad Brilliance @2kind_by_Design

#hiphoped a lesson to take w/2104 that you can't take out socio-political vein/underpinnings from hip hop no matter how commodified it gets

31/12/2014 09:04:02 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

In the spirit of "Nia" 52 Tuesdays per year #HipHopEd 52 Chats per year. We are driven by our purpose 2 create community

31/12/2014 09:04:13 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

I rather have my own mind than get caught up in the crowd of muthafuckas who lost and only do what they allowed. @JonConnorMusic #hiphoped

31/12/2014 09:04:36 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

When ain't a option & losing ain't a thought. When u ain't conscious of yo passion cuz u don't never turn it off. @JonConnorMusic #hiphoped

31/12/2014 09:04:45 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

In 2015 I'm looking for more tangible representations of the work. We must document and showcase student work consistently! #hiphoped

31/12/2014 09:04:57 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

In 2014 I developed a new level of appreciation for @Nas "Illmatic" #HipHopEd

31/12/2014 09:05:27 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

This court is unimportant. You fuckers are walking corpses. @therealelp #hiphoped

31/12/2014 09:05:39 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

It may take half of 2015 to process all the stuff that happened in 2014...intention, action reflection rinse & repeat in 2015 #HipHopEd

31/12/2014 09:06:35 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

In 2014 #hiphoped schooled me on the therapeutic value in @pharoahemonch's album PTSD

31/12/2014 09:06:46 WIB
MLW, Ph.D. @HipHopProf16

In 2015, I want HH fans to recognize the various forms of appropriation & consider the implications of acknowledged appropriation #HipHopEd

31/12/2014 09:07:21 WIB
sam seidel (he/him) @husslington

thx for putting this together! i missed a few… #homework MT @tdj6899: Top Educational Hip-Hop Songs of '14 #HipHopEd:…

31/12/2014 09:07:24 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

I am committed 2 empowering youth 2 C Education as a weapon of attack & self defense #HipHopEd

31/12/2014 09:07:25 WIB
One Bad Brilliance @2kind_by_Design

#hiphoped 2014 taught people a bit that there is more humanity in us than our collective vanity would lead us to believe

31/12/2014 09:07:43 WIB
AKAdemic @gjladson

#hiphoped events of 2014 have made HH more prescient & even more necessary!

31/12/2014 09:08:34 WIB
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