Lesson in Executive Decsion Making

Here in four tweets is a glimpse of how Russian executive decisions are sometimes made. Julia Ioffe is a brilliant freelance writer living in Moscow. Go to her website for an impressive spread of her work. http://www.juliaioffe.com/
Julia Ioffe @juliaioffe
Today in "This is Not a Joke": last month, Putin ordered ministers to contribute 1 month's salary to statue of Pyotr Stolypin, Nick II's PM
Julia Ioffe @juliaioffe
Stolypin, as you recall, was at best ineffectual and at worst a ruthless suppressor of peasant revolt, proponent of kangaroo courts, nooses.
Julia Ioffe @juliaioffe
Today we find out, Putin has a hard time getting his deputy PMs and ministers to chip in. Only $200K raised so far. http://t.co/QQW31Wt
Julia Ioffe @juliaioffe
I would love to see a similar scenario: Obama gathers cabinet, says, "Hey, I'ma need some moneyz for a statue of Samuel P. Chase."


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