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A different ending to the #StormontTalks

Stormont House Agreement. It's historic that they agreed to agree and disagree. Well, maybe.
Make it Work @makeitworktoday… David Cameron & Enda Kenny on Radio Ulster. NO deal today, but IS possible before Christmas according. #MakeitWork

12/12/2014 16:09:07 WIB
Mark Durkan @markdurkan

The Prime Minister's financial package is not significant additional money but junk and Juncker!

12/12/2014 17:17:18 WIB
Mark Durkan @markdurkan

At Stormont for Talks today so missing DfID & PM Qs & opposition debate on #BedroomTax (which is among issues in Talks here).

17/12/2014 19:20:38 WIB
Make it Work @makeitworktoday

Partial breakthrough in talks - Let's keep going and #MakeitWork in time for Christmas! @niexecutive @niassembly

19/12/2014 15:52:55 WIB
Seán Sherlock TD @seansherlocktd

Farewell Belfast. 'Til we meet again on Monday morning.

20/12/2014 04:18:31 WIB
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Martin McGuinness @M_McGuinness_SF

In a conference call with David Cameron today Peter Robinson & I discussed ongoing talks issues & the need for a comprehensive agreement.

21/12/2014 00:48:41 WIB
Seán Sherlock TD @seansherlocktd

Heading back up to Belfast for resumption of NI talks in Stormont House tomorrow. Hopeful. Optimistic.

22/12/2014 02:03:17 WIB
Martin McGuinness @M_McGuinness_SF

Spoke to David Cameron yesterday,he accepted that these talks required a comprehensive agreement.For this to happen he must play his part !!

22/12/2014 03:14:55 WIB
Gerry Adams @GerryAdamsSF

Its been a hard days night. I've been working like a dog. Its been a hard days night. I shud be sleeping like a log. Codladh samh xoxozzzz

22/12/2014 08:50:58 WIB
Gerry Adams @GerryAdamsSF

Monday Morning! Beadh an lá libh.Talk talk talk.I love this photo in Martin Mc G's corridor. Yes he has a corridor.

22/12/2014 16:52:05 WIB
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Brian Rowan @BrianPJRowan

TALKS PAST - in arguments over disclosure, unionists also want to know what republican and Irish Gov contributions will be.

22/12/2014 17:05:20 WIB
Martin McGuinness @M_McGuinness_SF

Me too !! Looking forward to seeing it,soon !!

22/12/2014 17:53:46 WIB
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Martin McGuinness @M_McGuinness_SF

Tough negotiations !! Gerry Kelly's wee #snooze for Ireland !!

22/12/2014 22:42:16 WIB
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Brian Rowan @BrianPJRowan

Talks - suggestion of deal being shaped on Past. Sources say possible breakthrough on Inquests. Most progress Finance/Past.

23/12/2014 00:38:26 WIB
Brian Rowan @BrianPJRowan

Talks - no further down the road on marches/flags.

23/12/2014 00:43:50 WIB
Brian Rowan @BrianPJRowan

150 million over five years to fund Past process if agreed. Inquests and themes still a Talks battleground. Lights still on at Stormont.

23/12/2014 05:40:08 WIB
UTV @utv

Stormont talks to continue overnight: All-party talks are set to continue overnight and into Tuesday as politi...

23/12/2014 05:47:47 WIB
Gerry Adams @GerryAdamsSF

I will get by with a little help from my friends.

23/12/2014 07:05:50 WIB
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