First, I left Saitama. Went to Fukushima station, and ate lunch.

hiroki @hirokiharoki
珈琲グルメで煮込みハンバーグ食べた。柔らかくて上品な味。 #美味福島 #TastyFukushima #Fukushima pic.twitter.com/nCPKRD96fB
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Near the restaurant.

I arrived at IizakaOnsen station.

hiroki @hirokiharoki
“Iizaka Kenka Matsuri”, where 1-ton Floats Crash Violently into Each Other #Fukushima tadaimajp.com/2014/09/iizaka… via @tadaima_jp

There was a Japanese drum sound already. You can hear it from the link.

Many people in Festival costume.

And shining portable shrines.

Kids, and adults. Men and women.

All started moving.

Also dogs.

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