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Using Social Stories as an Intervention Strategy

My group chose to discuss social stories in this week's Twitter Chat assignment. We shared our thoughts, ideas and own experiences regarding the use of social stories in the classroom. In this Chirpstory, I'm going to highlight some of the key pieces I took away and learned from the conversation. Also included are resources we all shared with one another.
Justine Viveiros @jfade2002

Including parents is important with most methodologies for ASD. I found that when I researched DTT discrete trial train. #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:39:06 WIB
Justine Viveiros @jfade2002

I created a poster version of one when my student didn't want to be different. Everyone can benefit from seeing it #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:26:32 WIB
Jennifer Robie @jen_robie

I love the idea of using the student's name and their own pictures! #tellmeasocialstory I think they gain a lot more from the story

14/12/2014 20:25:00 WIB
Kim Miller @KimKmille28

Yes and younger kids at least tend to love stories in general, so when it's about them, that's like the best thing ever! #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:43:45 WIB
Stephanie haffa @Haffast33

YES! @KimKmille28 The "typical" students love when I use their names too!!!!! Everybody feels important!!! #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:24:36 WIB
Kim Miller @KimKmille28

Typical children too, I think. Like simple things like learning how to use the potty, right?? #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:42:14 WIB
Jennifer Robie @jen_robie

I read that SS can be helpful for children with ADD/ADHD as well #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:39:52 WIB
Kim Miller @KimKmille28

Jen, YES! Works SO well w/ ADHD...also so well w/ emotional dysregulation and anxiety too. #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:41:33 WIB
Jennifer Robie @jen_robie

I think SS are more personalized and helps involve students in their own learning process #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:40:51 WIB
Kim Miller @KimKmille28

What types of issues have your students needed social stories for? I saw fire drills and assemblies. What else and why? #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:17:23 WIB
Justine Viveiros @jfade2002

Last year one student used them to help him handle things that frustrated or angered him. #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:18:20 WIB
Stephanie haffa @Haffast33

I've been reading about transitioning to high school with social stories and working on the hs schedule through ss. #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:33:24 WIB
Justine Viveiros @jfade2002

it's like rehearsing for life situations which most people do naturally so they are not surprised #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:42:57 WIB
Kim Miller @KimKmille28

I try to be short, sweet, and to the point...I feel like I lose the kids otherwise #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:27:21 WIB
Kim Miller @KimKmille28

I LOVE using the term unexpected for any child's behavior! It takes all judgement out of the redirection #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:56:46 WIB
Justine Viveiros @jfade2002

Have you found students that social stories didn't work for? #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:28:31 WIB
Justine Viveiros @jfade2002

Some research I found said that it was almost a 50/50 split with success rates, but I find that hard to believe #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:39:59 WIB
Stephanie haffa @Haffast33

I tried to help a very classically autistic boy in 5th grade and social stories didn't work. #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:29:39 WIB
Jennifer Robie @jen_robie

Do you think social stories are shared later than middle school? I can't imagine high school studies liking them either #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:31:01 WIB
Kim Miller @KimKmille28

I don't know. I feel like high school students surprise us sometimes! One of my colleagues says her kids love stickers! #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:32:04 WIB
Justine Viveiros @jfade2002

Can't have this chat happen without mentioning Carol Gray, founder of SS. Did anyone look at her website? #tellmeasocialstory

14/12/2014 20:44:55 WIB
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