(Continuation from Day 1: http://chirpstory.com/li/242621 )

hiroki @hirokiharoki
10th Dialogue 2nd day will start soon.

(Flag of 'Date Masamune(Samurai)' at Date City office.)

津田和俊@てっぽう撃つでぇ @kaztsuda
おはようございます。ICRPダイアログセミナー二日目、本日もよろしくお願いします。 #ICRPdialog pic.twitter.com/xJZhvAvvHa
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(Snowing at the Fukushima station.)

ryugo hayano @hayano
今朝もあぶQで伊達市役所へ.雪の福島駅 pic.twitter.com/H6mJShcJ3A
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(Participants are heading for Date City.)

(Very cold outside.)

(Dialogue 2nd day start here.)

いしかわ てつや @marufeel_tw
伊達市役所シルクホールにて第10回ダイアログセミナー2日目が始まります。一晩で少し雪が積もりました。ここ市庁舎は晴れてます。 #ICRPdialog pic.twitter.com/May3g6874I
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hiroki @hirokiharoki
Mr.Lochard:Yesterday was Inspirering day.
Date city mayor Nishida's speech
hiroki @hirokiharoki
Mayor Nishida:10th dialogue seminars. very important to have. Culture and other issues yesterday. after 1year NPPaccident, in Morioka.

Mayor Nishida is talking..."Steady efforts like this Dialogues are very important."

カレーさん★グミ @kitamurakenji
ダイアログというのがよく分からなかったが、こういう地道な取り組みが大事だと改めて認識したと、挨拶をする西田市長 pic.twitter.com/EJzHd7uCYC
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Mayor Nishida quoted Mr.Hirata's word.

hiroki @hirokiharoki
He said. Tsunami. regions. tradituonal culture, generationto generations. recovering start. people revive traditional culture first. saw in
hiroki @hirokiharoki
newspaper. 3yeras ago he said. I remembered. I felt. ICRP. I would be here in morning. continue effor. Iidate city.
hiroki @hirokiharoki
Mr.Lochard:speaking of culture. what is the link? recovery process. Fukushima. human demensions is the key. ofcourse scientific demensions,t
hiroki @hirokiharoki
too. but human factors are very important.
hiroki @hirokiharoki
Introduction of new perticipants. Started with 2 highschool students. They are jazz school club members.
Mr.Hayano's question
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hiroki @hirokiharoki 22/12/2014 20:51:55 WIB
Added Mr.Lochard's comment,Drumming,Rapporteur's Report,Final comments and closing movies& Rapporteur's report pptx file.
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