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The 10th Dialogue will start soon.
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on the rehabilitation of living conditions after the Fukushima Accident under the title of "The Value of traditon and culture in Fukushima"
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Mr.Lochard:Welcome. I'm pleased to see you. topic. Value of tradition and culture in Fukushima. some might think we are away from real probl
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ems. problems. daily concern. rehabilitation. read. book. society. whole. reconstruct. tradition and culture. recover tjeir dignity.

tjeir --> their(people's)

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development. I sicerly hope dialogue will answer these questions. thank Date and Mayor. and Mr.Ootsura, Ms.Ando, and our interpreters.
Iitate Village Mayor Kanno's speech
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Mr.Kanno: I'm a mayor of Iitate village. thank for 10times dialogue seminars. NPPaccident. it chenged our lives. angry. but we have to look
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forward. Iitate village. Spain. sayings. don't be greed too much. Money is important. culture. other many things important,too.
Self introduction
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Mr.Lochard:Introduce yourselves.
Session 1: Daily life culture in Fukushima
Motouchi Kanno(Iitate Village): Daily life culture of gathering of mountain vegetables
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1st session. Mr.Kanno:Goodmorning. standpoint. mountain vegitables. it's part of our daily culture. blessings. Aizu people. tree. grows.
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forest as aculture. to us. predessesors. mountain vegitables. neighbors. giving mountainous foods. communicating tool. flower.

Sansai (Japanese mountain vegetables) and mushrooms are food but also communication tool for villagers. But now, radiation is a problem. It depends on each Sansai and mushrooms how much radioactive cesium they consume. Even in the highly affected areas, some Sansai(or mushroom) consume very low cesium. But some other Sansai collect lots of cesium.

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beauty. NPPaccident happened. huge magunitude. complex feelings. worst accident. 1or2 years. evacuation area. much longer. difficult.

Evacuation life continues for almost 4 years, not just 1 or 2 years. It's just too long.

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giving up is easy. why I'm here. so are you.what we decided to do. mountainous vegetables. Gyozya Ninniku. garlic family. Warabi...
カレーさん★グミ @kitamurakenji
きのこのグループは独自分類とのこと pic.twitter.com/QNxx3wEmLY
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25.8Bq/kg. we checked food radiation data of mountainous vegetables. nutrition. depend. asking. Season. Fukinotou,Yomogi. Spring tome.
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Added 'Astrid Liland (NRPA): The value of people-to-people visits' movie.
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Added Mr.Lochard's opening and Rapporteur's report movies. Added Rapporteur's report pptx file.
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