Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
If you think @vdaze and @AngryBlackLady are part of a massive conspiracy to smear you, your problem might be that you're a fucking asshole.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
And here's the problem with abusive assholes: THEY DON'T KNOW THEY'RE ABUSIVE ASSHOLES.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
I tweet fairly frequently. I've never labored under the delusion that my tweets have an impact on any upcoming election.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
And that's what it is: a DELUSION. A persistent belief that a fantasy is real.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
I wanted NOTHING to do with the Shoq/vdaze fiasco. But @vdaze is my friend; I've met her. If you expect me to do nothing when...
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
... when someone attacks her credibility or character, you are fucking high.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
So that's how it works. @Shoq attacked someone I consider a personal friend. And this attack is one in what turns out to be a pattern.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
I'm sorry if you are the kind of person who takes this to be a "taking sides" screed. If you are, you need to reevaluate your priorities.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
Is your fealty to some internet character more important than your belief in basic human decency?
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
I know @Shoq follows me, and my tweets aren't protected. Let's see if he tries to enact some kind of revenge on me.
Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady
@iboudreau thanks, ian. i’m starting to feel like i’m taking crazy pills, here.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
You aren't. RT @AngryBlackLady: @iboudreau thanks, ian. i’m starting to feel like i’m taking crazy pills, here.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
This isn't any false flag operation. I am not being paid by right-wingers. I used to like @Shoq.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
I love @AngryBlackLady, I love @Karoli, and I've loved @Shoq. But you've made me fucking choose, and I have fucking chosen.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
You do not fuck with my friends. The. Fucking. End.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
Do you really think it's impossible to abuse someone without being in the same room? Check yourself. Fucking check yourself.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
I have followed @Shoq for probably two years. I really want him to be as good a person as he presents himself as being.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
But despite that desire of mine, he has shown himself to be very small and almost unimaginably vicious.
Funkasaurus @Pretefunkera
@iboudreau @angryblacklady @karoli @shoq and I read, respond, and respect all of their political views. We have bigger fish to fry.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
@Karoli @Pretefunkera @angryblacklady @shoq I really didn't want to have to "choose," but I had to and I did. I'm not sorry.
Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady
@iboudreau this is all craziness. it is pure unadulterated craziness.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
@AngryBlackLady I want to love everyone. But they made me pick, and it wound up being a really easy choice.
Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady
@iboudreau well, thank you for not buying into the idea that i'm some crazy bitch out to destroy somebody on twitter. doesn't make sense.
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau
@AngryBlackLady If you were doing something nutty, I'd tell you.
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E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 22:33:08 WIB
To all of the above players, who apparently have a game they must win: what do you really want from all of this?
E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 22:34:57 WIB
I just a small time player,not many followers,don't look for them. But I respected many of those involved,but you all have diminished my view of you.
E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 22:36:24 WIB
I write about abuse. I know what it looks like. From my perspective both sides want to win...something. Tell us what it is you want so we can focus on other issues.
E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 22:37:27 WIB
Do you want folks to pick sides, like children and friends of people divorcing?
E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 22:39:22 WIB
Here's the thing: I will be writing for an hour today on behalf of someone I knew who was murdered by her jealous boyfriend. Perspective. If you are an abuser,get help. If you are a victim, walk away while you can.
echo 'am🍑sand-y'|base64 @mpersandy 23/09/2012 22:50:30 WIB
E_Joyce I think the point here is that the pattern has borne itself out repeatedly. And it's time for it to stop. http://twitter.com/iboudreau/status/249314197110935552
echo 'am🍑sand-y'|base64 @mpersandy 23/09/2012 22:59:31 WIB
E_Joyce Not about taking sides; about ending a pattern of verbal and emotional abuse, and taking the power away from someone who's wielded it with impunity with the help of others [myself included] who now realize what actually was going on.
E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 23:01:18 WIB
mpersandy Grownups don't change who they are because we want them to. They change because THEY want to. So I ask again, what is it everyone wants? When people show you who they are, you believe them and act accordingly.
echo 'am🍑sand-y'|base64 @mpersandy 23/09/2012 23:04:02 WIB
E_Joyce The point of this is to expose the issue [and the pattern] so that people can make an informed decision. Changing requires that there's a problem. A tiger can't change its stripes.
E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 23:09:00 WIB
It is yes, unfortunate that verbal,psychological abuse leaves longlasting scars and is not yet a felony. Heck, physical/sexual abuse is barely acknowledged as offenses.
E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 23:09:32 WIB
But I have yet to see where this protracted dialogue is going and what's being accomplished. And every day and night I see it, my view of ALL the players dims a bit more.
E_Joyce @E_Joyce 23/09/2012 23:09:57 WIB
Like I said from the first time I saw this appearing on line, the only way to win the game sometimes is to just stop playing.
echo 'am🍑sand-y'|base64 @mpersandy 23/09/2012 23:11:15 WIB
E_Joyce Agreed. It's a travesty of epic proportions. Hopefully, that will change and instances like this will pave the way for that
echo 'am🍑sand-y'|base64 @mpersandy 23/09/2012 23:12:06 WIB
E_Joyce If you know the whole picture, there's really only one person who should be dimmed: the one who hasn't apologized for their role.
echo 'am🍑sand-y'|base64 @mpersandy 23/09/2012 23:13:26 WIB
E_Joyce Wise words, "Joshua". And that's the thing: people have been trying to stop … but it goes on outside of the public eye [as is part of the pattern].
echo 'am🍑sand-y'|base64 @mpersandy 23/09/2012 23:14:48 WIB
E_Joyce But yes, I agree. And, for now, I've made my opinions known, and will stop commenting further than just "I agree with what Ian said".
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