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Late 8

ASHA14 session 1130
Brian Goldstein @goldstein25

"In treating the late 8.the goal is speech; the avenue is language and the vehicle is the curriculum." #a1130 #ASHA14

21/11/2014 03:47:26 WIB
Brian Goldstein @goldstein25

To achieve art, you need a clinician, not just a set of tools in a bucket. #a1130 #asha14

21/11/2014 03:46:02 WIB
Brian Goldstein @goldstein25

Practice speech in real words and develop self monitoring skills. #a1130 #ASHA14

21/11/2014 03:44:55 WIB
Brian Goldstein @goldstein25

Speech focus on min pairs, deletion, self correction, old way/new way, similar sound #a1130 #ASHA14

21/11/2014 03:21:37 WIB
Brian Goldstein @goldstein25

Treat the late 8 before starting school---before K. Session #a1130 #ASHA14

21/11/2014 03:17:54 WIB
Brian Goldstein @goldstein25

#ASHA2014 session #a1130 on The Late 8 consonants. Hope my @LaSalleUniv students are following 😊

21/11/2014 03:04:49 WIB


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