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AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.2 (2014/11/12) #reinvent

Jim Plush @jimplush

I will not play blackjack this time. I will not play blackjack this time. I will not play blackjack this time. #reinvent

12/11/2014 15:01:18 WIB
禁酒 @smokeymonkey

Blog Write:[-*煙猴*-]: AWS re:Invent 2014に参加してきた(2): 初日、Global APN Summit、プラチナコンサルティングパートナーになった #reinvent

12/11/2014 15:08:40 WIB
Brian GJ @isbgj

Nice! “@smw355: Amazing night for #Rancher at #reinvent. Don't think I stopped talking.. Amount of #Docker adoption on AWS is incredible”

12/11/2014 15:08:57 WIB
Andrew Hatton @ajhatton

"@jeffbarr:I need just one more fact in order to be 100% ready for the #reinvent launches on Wednesday.." #clickclean

12/11/2014 15:10:55 WIB
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Jeff Denworth @JeffDenworth

attend BAC302 at #reinvent and learn how JWT (a WPP company) conquers complexity & compliance w/ @CTERA < 600 ppl registered! reg ASAP!

12/11/2014 15:18:59 WIB
Malik Ahmed @animanmaster

"@AWSreInvent: Second finalist team at #AWSHackathon #reInvent for Cancer Research UK" do you see who I see? ;)

12/11/2014 15:19:31 WIB
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Jukka Dahlbom @JukkaDahlbom

16 intense hours of #reinvent #AWSHackathon behind, our solution for @AtrocityWatch ended up second in that category. Thanks to everyone!

12/11/2014 15:26:22 WIB
Proversity @proversity_

@AWS_Partners: Check out the APN Partner Breakout Sessions happening at the #reInvent Global APN Summit.

12/11/2014 15:30:18 WIB
Tejay Cardon @tejaycar

#reinvent first day was awesome. The #sparkcore team was a huge help. Thanks guys.

12/11/2014 15:43:39 WIB
Ryan Vanderwerf @RyanVanderwerf

@raulpineda teaching me blackjack at ti. I held on for a bit to get a free drink, but the house wins as usual! #reinvent

12/11/2014 15:47:30 WIB
Josh Schaefer @JoshSchaefTyk

Boothed up and ready for two more days of fun! Come see us! Booth 552 #reinvent #RelusatReinvent

12/11/2014 15:50:03 WIB
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Josh Schaefer @JoshSchaefTyk

Relus moving workloads to cloud man AWS in 4 min per server. Come watch! Booth 552 #RelusatReinvent #reinvent

12/11/2014 15:51:28 WIB
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chirpstory @chirpstory

.@shinyaa31's "AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.0 (to 2014/11/10) #reinvent" is being talked about.

12/11/2014 16:16:01 WIB
Debbie Ng @debbieng878

Great day so far! Such great energy. Look forward to keynote tomorrow #reinvent

12/11/2014 16:16:55 WIB
IntelliGrapeSoftware @IntelliGrape

#IntelliGrape is showcasing #AdobeAEM & #Cassandra #AWS Test Drives tomorrow at #reinvent. Join us at Test Drive Showroom in Artists Foyer.

12/11/2014 16:27:51 WIB
Proversity @proversity_

@awscloud: We are launching 200 new & updated Test Drive Labs from over 100 Global @AWS_Partners! Check them out at #reInvent. http://buff…

12/11/2014 16:30:11 WIB
lapthorn @lapthorn

@ells How is #reInvent treating you? How does he squeeze so many tweets into such a small box?

12/11/2014 16:40:52 WIB
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