Egyptian Proverbs Hashtag #EgyptianProverbs

Today, August 31, 2011, the #EgyptianProverbs hashtag was born. Within hours it had a lot of proverbs translated from Arabic to English. Totally hilarious. They are funny to read in English because not all the translations are correct or done well. That makes them really funny. Read More
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Venus @VenusSouls1
Turn the pot upside down and the girl will turn out like her mum. #EgyptianProverbs
مو Mo @MohHKamel
If the bald woman took it, so can the mother of hairs. #EgyptianProverbs
Venus @VenusSouls1
If your loved one is honey, don't lick him all! #EgyptianProverbs
Venus @VenusSouls1
Son of a duck is a swimmer: “@karimsupanova: @LaScheherazade و ابن البط عوام.” #EgyptianProverbs
Mariam Saleh @Mariam_Slh
LOL that's an awesome hashtag =D “@7usfahmy: #EgyptianProverbs Do the good, and throw it in the sea”
Mariam Saleh @Mariam_Slh
O you take the monkey for his money, the money goes in vain and the monkey stays unchanged #EgyptianProverbs
Tarik Salama @tariksalama
me and my brother against my cousin, me and my cousin against the stranger #EgyptianProverbs
ست الحتة / J. Berry @MoneLoky
If the flood ever came to you , put your son under your feet .. #EgyptianProverbs
Fatafeat @Fatafeat
@Daloosh: Paid news today will be free tomorrow #EgyptianProverbs” :))
Mariam Saleh @Mariam_Slh
If you want something from the dog call him sir #EgyptianProverbs
مو Mo @MohHKamel
There's a lot in your bag, oh you magician! #EgyptianProverbs
مو Mo @MohHKamel
"@minoushy: She wanted to put eyeliner in her eyes so she blinded her #ArabicSayings" #EgyptianProverbs
yassmin elnazer @yassminelnazer
#EgyptianProverbs whatever taken by the bold to be taken by the hairy
Venus @VenusSouls1
Expensive news now, tomorrow will be free. #EgyptianProverbs
K. @montaf5
@moneloky If the flood ever came to you , Dont lick it all at once.. #EgyptianProverbs #FTFY
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