#askFS: British Foreign Secretary answers questions on #Libya via Twitter

The complete archive of the hashtag #askFS on 31 August 2011. All questions, answered or not, are included. (I just removed RTs and MTs that didn't have any additional info.) If you'd prefer an easy-to-read script, here you are: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/news/latest-news/?view=News&id=649927082
William Hague @WilliamJHague

@BbiteTom By backing NTC plans & offering support where needed - Libyans will be very much in the lead but will need assistance #askFS

25/08/2011 22:46:06 WIB
William Hague @WilliamJHague

Do you have a question about UK policy on #Libya? Get in touch with your Qs on Libya using #askFS & I will answer them at 2pm BST today

31/08/2011 15:58:48 WIB
Justin Bieber @rickdsizzler_

@WilliamJHague Sir, a 14 yrs old kid was shot dead last night by the regime N #Bahrain we urge you and the British govt. to interfere #askFS

31/08/2011 16:01:19 WIB

.@WilliamJHague when will you finally tell the truth about the actions our forces have played in #Libya mission creep & all that? #askFS

31/08/2011 16:01:26 WIB
Nick Paddock @NicholasPaddock

@WilliamJHague What is the estimated time frame for UK involvement in #Libya ? #askFS

31/08/2011 16:01:32 WIB
Dylan #BlackLivesMatter @dylanhm

Should the country descend into further discourse, is there a possibility of British ground troops in #Libya? #askFS #GutQuestion

31/08/2011 16:02:17 WIB
Max Wilar @maxwilar

@WilliamJHague How about to form a democratic government in Libya ? #Libya #askFS

31/08/2011 16:02:23 WIB
Nick Paddock @NicholasPaddock

@WilliamJHague Is the UK likely 2 deploy ground troops in restorative/ peacekeeping/ training roles once a new govt is formed? #Libya #askFS

31/08/2011 16:02:44 WIB
Alex Schillemore @AlexSchillemore

Ask Foreign Secretary @WilliamJHague your #Libya questions by tweeting your question with the hashtag #askFS. Answers at 1400 BST today.

31/08/2011 16:02:50 WIB
Jimmy Meyer @JamesMeyer_

#askFS does British policy involve staying in Libya even after change of government, to assure that the new government remains stable etc?

31/08/2011 16:02:52 WIB
Mark @mark_ccfc

@WilliamJHague What role will the UK play in the post Gadaffi Libya? #askFS

31/08/2011 16:03:04 WIB
carl @carl_fx_

#askFS are there any plans for a UN peacekeeping force to gaurd the southern borders of Libya from african insurgents from desert crossings

31/08/2011 16:03:21 WIB
Jack Williams @JackWilliams_94

@WilliamJHague are the loyalists using weapons bought from britain, whilst through nato, we are aiding the rebels too? #askFS

31/08/2011 16:04:17 WIB
Tim Whale @timwhale

#askFS now the rebels are threatening a town, why are you not calling for a UN resolution?

31/08/2011 16:04:53 WIB
Jay Singh-Sohal VR @JSinghSohal

@WilliamJHague #askFS with NTC in control & rebuilding efforts underway will britain endorse putting soldiers in libya 4 security/stability

31/08/2011 16:05:08 WIB
🇬🇷Μέρλιν ο Μάγος🇬🇧 @Merlin_necro

#askFS How long will it take before the Libyan rebels turn against the West, like the Taliban did after we helped them against the Russians?

31/08/2011 16:05:19 WIB
متعب السواط @q8p_vip

Do you have a question about UK policy on #Libya? Get in touch with your Qs on Libya using #askFS & I will answer them at 2pm BST today”

31/08/2011 16:06:18 WIB
Kathryn Laverty @kathrynj_91

#askFS what are the plans reguarding re-structuring libya? Will ground troops be sent in to help?

31/08/2011 16:06:35 WIB

"@WilliamJHague: question about UK policy on #Libya? your Qs on Libya using #askFS & I will answer them at 2pm BST today" @1party4all

31/08/2011 16:06:42 WIB
Walaa™ @WalaaIdris

If you have Qs on Libya get in touch with #askFS with your questions and @WilliamJHague will answer them at 2pm BST

31/08/2011 16:06:52 WIB
Alan @free1953

#askFS How is your relation to Mr. Westerwelle ? PS: i highly appreciate the role of GB during the Libyan conflict.

31/08/2011 16:07:31 WIB
Adam @adamgreene27

#askFS are you concerned about the flow of weapons from Libya to the Egyptian Sinai, which are being used to threaten and attack Israel?

31/08/2011 16:08:04 WIB
Bubblejet @Bubblejet

Why were we keen to protect civilians in #Libya but not elsewhere, eg. Burma, Syria, Tibet? #askFS

31/08/2011 16:08:18 WIB
John Dwyer @johndwyer1973

@WilliamJHague #askFS would the UK policy on #Libya change at all if WPC Fletcher murder suspect wasn't extradited to UK? #afterallwevedone

31/08/2011 16:08:38 WIB
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