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AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.1 (2014/11/11) #reinvent

Sean Berry @schleprachaun

@amazon Ordered. Gonna meet me at home when I get back from #reinvent.

11/11/2014 14:52:25 WIB

Awesome, I'm the 1,696,424 FB check-in at the #Venetian. That's my LUCKY number. #reInvent

11/11/2014 14:59:13 WIB @meshlyapp

Amazing networking opportunities ahead at @AWSreInvent #reinvent ! Network like a pro with @meshlyapp

11/11/2014 15:41:06 WIB
簡易版 @take3000

AWS re:Invent2014参加レポート ラスベガスにやってきた #reinvent|クラスメソッドブログ…

11/11/2014 15:43:17 WIB
Gurmeet Singh @24by7masti

AWS re:Invent 2014: Cloud competition from Azure, Google scales via @ZDNet, @ldignan #reInvent #AWSCloud

11/11/2014 15:44:28 WIB
Conor Brady @conorbrady

That's as far as my AWS #reinvent goes this year, nice food mind you ...

11/11/2014 15:55:04 WIB
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Patrik Karlsson @BIPatrik

Elastic #Analytics is our adaptable #AWS platform enabling organizations to adopt advanced analytics #reInvent

11/11/2014 15:59:56 WIB
Bold Data @BoldData

AWS says there have been over 15 million #Hadoop clusters run n on Amazon EMR since its introduction. #reinvent #Hadoop

11/11/2014 16:06:48 WIB
Axel Toonen @AxelToonen

Simplify and speed up your data collection w/ @InformaticaCorp Vibe Data Stream for @AWScloud Kenesis #reInvent

11/11/2014 16:10:05 WIB
Shingo Yoshida @yoshidashingo

ijinさんたちとさっき見つけたユーザー事例のボード、他にもたくさんあったのでRegistrationのついでに見てみるといいと思います #awsreinvent #reinvent…

11/11/2014 16:11:23 WIB
AWS/アマゾン ウェブ サービス/クラウド @awscloud_jp

【AWSの新しい認定プログラム】 AWS認定DevOpsエンジニア - プロフェッショナル AWS認定デベロッパーとAWS認定SysOpsアドミニストレーターの上位認定です。 ベータ試験は #reinvent より開始予定です。

11/11/2014 16:18:06 WIB
StraightArcSolutions @Straight_Arc

Amazon #RDS for #PostgreSQL Update - Read Replicas, 9.3.5 Support, Migration, Three New Extensions… #reinvent #aws

11/11/2014 16:22:00 WIB
Chris Adams @mrchrisadams

@cloudpundit I mean, it’s good that it’s even on the agenda, but I can never find any substantial info beyond the headline claims. #reinvent

11/11/2014 16:25:34 WIB
まとめのお知らせ @togetter_pr

@shinyaa31さんの「AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.0 (2014/11/10まで) #reinvent」が1000viewを達成。話題のまとめ、もっと見てほしいな。

11/11/2014 16:27:02 WIB
Gurmeet Singh @24by7masti

AWS re:Invent 2014: Cloud competition from Azure, Google scales via @ZDNet, @ldignan #reinvent #AWSCloud

11/11/2014 16:30:54 WIB
Trevor Parsons @trevparsons

#Docker integration and live migration at the top of #AWS #reInvent wish lists this year: via @PariseauTT

11/11/2014 16:32:08 WIB
しんや @shinyaa31

AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.1 (2014/11/11) #reinvent has been Chirpified.

11/11/2014 16:39:12 WIB
しんや @shinyaa31

「AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.1 (2014/11/11) #reinvent」をトゥギャりました。

11/11/2014 16:43:09 WIB
BestAWS @BestAWS

Protecting confidential data in the cloud is tricky. Learn to control it w/#AWS & Data Prevention at #reInvent (

11/11/2014 16:51:19 WIB
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