I am speaking out on abuse, not seeking revenge.

I will not be silent about Shoq's abusive behavior, and his continued attempts to intimidate, invalidate, or discredit me. Enough. Read More
Shoq @Shoq

.@BonzoTMonkey When someone releases old private moments like that, it's either for money... or revenge.

22/09/2012 01:04:08 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

In my case, it was to stop your attempts to intimidate and threaten me and my friends. http://t.co/ZfPLOhA

22/09/2012 01:35:33 WIB
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Jessica @vdaze

I didn't release voicemails from Shoq for money, nor did I do it for revenge. But he would like you to think that.

22/09/2012 01:38:44 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

If I did it for money, I'd have money. If I did it for revenge, I'd have done it much sooner. I did it bc he was trying to intimidate me.

22/09/2012 01:41:36 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

This is not a "bitter ex-girlfriend" situation. This is a case of Shoq refusing to respect boundaries.

22/09/2012 01:42:49 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

Shoq would not accept that I cut off contact. He tried to manipulate me into contacting him. He tried to manipulate my friends.

22/09/2012 01:44:21 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

Shoq dropped hints that my employer would be contacted. Both implicitly, and explicitly. Both to me directly, and to friends.

22/09/2012 01:45:17 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

Shoq lied to everyone about his mother being gravely ill because my actions had upset her so much. He wanted me to "call him to end it".

22/09/2012 01:46:14 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

Shoq LIED about his mother being ill. He got caught, then later claimed it was an intelligence ruse. What? Exactly. He's a creep.

22/09/2012 01:46:39 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

@Shoq: Just own your bullshit. Own your abusive behavior. Stop lying. Stop implying there's some other "sinister side". There isn't.

22/09/2012 01:52:23 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

Shoq's story about his "ill mother" ruse MAKES NO SENSE. He didn't give the story to "suspected leakers" - HE TWEETED PUBLICLY ABOUT IT.

22/09/2012 02:10:33 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

When Shoq got caught lying (http://t.co/Rf2ENuq), he then pretended it was some intelligence tactic to expose his leak. What?

22/09/2012 02:12:06 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

Here's a new hash tag game for you, Cat: #LogicFail

22/09/2012 02:12:37 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

Shoq needs to stop the BS. His behind-the-scenes shit gets back to me every day. His subtweeting is not so subtweety. I am NOT the one.

22/09/2012 02:20:16 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

I don't want to discuss @Shoq any more than you want to read about him. But his BS will be exposed. I have the right to walk away from him.

22/09/2012 02:32:04 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

The fact that I wasn't permitted to simply walk away from Shoq without consequences is unacceptable.

22/09/2012 02:33:05 WIB
MaddKap @MaddKap

@vdaze What @Shoq did is indefensible, but all relationships DO have consequences. That's humanity.

22/09/2012 02:34:08 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

@Neurocat If you define "consequences" as being manipulated, intimidated, and lied to and about...I disagree with you. Strongly.

22/09/2012 02:35:58 WIB
MaddKap @MaddKap

@vdaze I don't, and what he did is wrong. But you said you wanted to walk away without ANY consequences. That is impossible.

22/09/2012 02:36:34 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

@Neurocat That's how I'm defining it in this context.

22/09/2012 02:38:30 WIB
MaddKap @MaddKap

@vdaze Well in that case I agree with you. The consequences you're enduring are wrong.

22/09/2012 02:39:27 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

I repeatedly asked that Shoq not scream and yell at me when he became upset. Actually, no, I BEGGED him to stop.

22/09/2012 02:39:55 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

When it first happened, Shoq said he would try to stop. Then he stopped trying and started blaming me for making him do it.

22/09/2012 02:43:41 WIB
Jessica @vdaze

Then the narrative became was I was abusive, a monster, lacking empathy, and treated him like an employee.

22/09/2012 02:44:07 WIB
MaddKap @MaddKap

@vdaze Sounds like he is projecting onto you.

22/09/2012 02:44:45 WIB
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