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Afghanistan in tweets


With 60% of Americans opposing the unnecessary war in #Afghanistan, people power could bring it to an end.

22/12/2010 22:54:51 WIB
Kristin Braddock @KBradd

Love it. Pls pray for our Marines away at Christmas! RT @USMC: Video: Merry Christmas from #Afghanistan.

22/12/2010 22:53:42 WIB
Thorsten Kern @DerKernVomPudel

An den #Weihnachtsmann: der Bundestag beende das Abenteuer #Afghanistan und die #ARD sende wohin sie wolle #OhneLindenstrasseKeine#Wehrkraft

22/12/2010 22:52:29 WIB
WLP @WLP_intl

#Canada Senate report asserts women in #Afghanistan must participate in negotiations & peace-building. #womensrights

22/12/2010 22:48:48 WIB
AN @ajith27

Rahul Gandhi acting like POTUS...surprise visits #Madurai #afghanistan

22/12/2010 22:46:01 WIB
Paula @texasps

Merry Christmas to the Troops RT @cowboytroy RT @USMC: Video: Merry Christmas from #Afghanistan. #SOT #tcot

22/12/2010 22:43:03 WIB
Maureen Heard @reenie61b

Love you guys!! Stay safe. RT @USMC: Video: Merry Christmas from #Afghanistan.

22/12/2010 22:40:21 WIB
Bob Quad @bquad

rt @USMC U.S. Marines Video: Merry Christmas from #Afghanistan. - Awesome!!

22/12/2010 22:37:11 WIB