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Endeavour OV105 @ Ellington Field

NOLA Defender @NolaDefender

Space Shuttle Endeavour to fly low over New Orleans Tuesday in honor of Michoud's contributions #nola

17/09/2012 20:59:40 WIB
The Parson Carson @Conductor222

#OV105 On WED - Endeavour after flying over Michoud, will continue west over southern shore of Lake Ponchartrain. Est time 8:25 (8-9). #NOLA

18/09/2012 06:25:55 WIB

The Space Shuttle Endeavour will be flying over Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis on Sept. 18:

18/09/2012 07:00:34 WIB
Tay @IamTay

Endeavour will depart KSC at sunrise Wed., make low alst buzzes at Stennis in Miss., Michoud Assembly Facil., New Orleans b4 Ellington,Houst

18/09/2012 17:40:04 WIB
Jeremy Desel @jeremydesel

You can see Endeavour near the NASA Hangar 990 pedestrian gate at Ellington Field Wed.10:45am until it heads west at dawn on Thursday #ov105

18/09/2012 23:51:57 WIB
✨Shannon 🏳️‍🌈 @ageekmom

Hey Houston, if #Endeavour makes it here Wednesday, the gates will be open to the public at Ellington Field until 9 pm (extended from 7pm)

19/09/2012 02:35:41 WIB
✨Shannon 🏳️‍🌈 @ageekmom

5am Eastern weather briefing for #OV105 #Endeavour Houston arrival ETA 9am with some low flyovers before Ellington landing @ 10:45am.

19/09/2012 02:59:57 WIB
JGanley @JGanley3

Yes, I will be watching space shuttle Endeavor land at Ellington field tmrw and yes the 2 big Cs will be too! #NASA #Endeavour

19/09/2012 03:50:14 WIB
Emily @EmeryBored

@NASA_Johnson Any ETA for landing at Ellington Field? My shift at the hospital starts at 2 and I'd love to come see Endeavour beforehand...

19/09/2012 04:09:30 WIB
david paul @DavidPaulKHOU

Space shuttle #Endeavour is schedueled to land at Ellington Field around 10:30am tomomrrow. It's quite a sight!

19/09/2012 04:13:47 WIB

[Pic] Plaque & roses at base of the tree planted today @NASA_Johnson during a memorial for astronaut Sally Ride

19/09/2012 04:32:47 WIB
Expand pic
Johnson Space Center @NASA_Johnson

[Photo] @Astro_Sandy Magnus places rose near tree planted in memory of astronaut Sally Ride today:

19/09/2012 05:02:56 WIB
Nathan Moeller @AstroN8

I’m told someone was out at Ellington waiting for Endeavour today. Oops!

19/09/2012 05:51:21 WIB
Mars_Base / Heather @SciByte_Heather

Houston Endeavour is flying near @IAH, @HobbyAirport, Ellington, downtown JSC, & San Jacinta Monument in the morning!

19/09/2012 06:37:48 WIB
Selby Lo @selbylo

anybody in houston wants to travel out to ellington field to see the space shuttle endeavour with me tomorrow night? one night only!

19/09/2012 07:39:32 WIB
SpazZz @A_to_the_Raz

I REALLY want to go see Space Shuttle Endeavour tomorrow at Ellington! Who's coming with? #NASA

19/09/2012 10:51:44 WIB
Mark Boyle WRAL @MarkBoyleTV

The plan is for Shuttle Endeavour to fly over @HOU @IAH and @DowntownHouston before landing at Ellington. #SpotTheShuttle We are LIVE all AM

19/09/2012 15:31:10 WIB
Malini Basu @MaliniBasu_

We'll be live in #Ellington this am. #SpotTheShuttle #Endeavour will stopover in #Houston #hounews our story at 5am, 5:48am #khou

19/09/2012 16:19:11 WIB
Linh @Linh_oi

Space Shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to do a low fly-over at MS. Stennis Space Center at around 8am(CST). Wish I could be there.#SpaceGeek

19/09/2012 16:31:54 WIB
Lana Hughes @LanaHughesNews

Endeavour layover at Ellington. If we swap the mockup orbiter at Space Center Houston with Endeavour, do you think they'll notice?#News92FM

19/09/2012 16:52:28 WIB
pattie shieh @pattienews92fm

Waiting on endeavour's arrival at Ellington.eta 9-10:30am for flyovers at IAH, San Jacinto monument, clear lake #hounews #news92fm

19/09/2012 17:01:13 WIB
Nathan Moeller @AstroN8

Showering off, watching the departure on @NASA TV and then heading to Ellington. Come on Endeavour! #NASA905 #OV105

19/09/2012 17:30:19 WIB
Karen Townsend @penguinponders

On a modified 747, Space Shuttle Endeavour will fly over Houston this morning, then will land at Ellington Field.

19/09/2012 17:34:00 WIB
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