[COMPILED] How to Support Digital Points of #ThisIsLove for Music Shows Purpose

Target SJ @Target_SJ

[10 | END] Finally, please remember you must stream This Is Love from the REPACK/SPECIAL ALBUM -- NOT version A. So wait until release tmo.

22/10/2014 20:15:27 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[9] Since Target will be handling mass downloading with C-ELF Union, we will not accept Genie coupons. Pls go to fansites/other ELF to help.

22/10/2014 20:12:54 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[8] For you who are not Downloaders from Mamacita but want to help, we will open recruitment form for you tomorrow 23 October 10:00 PM KST.

22/10/2014 20:09:24 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[7] For Downloaders who worked since Mamacita, if you’re still available to help for repack please go to chatroom to read about the plan.

22/10/2014 20:08:35 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[6] More: Target Team is doing another collaboration with C-ELF Voting Team Union for repack. We may need more volunteers as Downloaders.

22/10/2014 20:06:46 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[5] Streaming will of course start once the digital album is released ~12PM KST October 23rd. Then you should stream every day after.

22/10/2014 20:05:57 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[4] You can find a tutorial on how to make a Genie account and use the coupon to stream here (cr: sjworld): sjworld.net/tutorial-how-t…

22/10/2014 20:03:59 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[3] Stream only once every hour. So, you will stream maximum 24 times a day. Remember: stream ONLY This is Love song!

22/10/2014 20:03:19 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[2] If you still have Genie streaming coupon from the Mamacita album, use that to stream ONLY This Is Love song every day.

22/10/2014 20:02:15 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[1] Int’l ELF (I-ELF) have fewer ways to affect digital sales, so it is very important to maximise impact in those areas.

22/10/2014 20:01:19 WIB
Target SJ @Target_SJ

[IMPORTANT] ELF let’s talk now about how we can support #SuperJunior digital sales for #ThisIsLove. Please RT the upcoming tweets! Thanks~

22/10/2014 20:00:09 WIB


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