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Question Time with Adrian Lamo (Part 27)

The latest of a series of encounters that sees Adrian Lamo tackling his detractors head-on. Topics of interest : 1) The duration of Bradley Manning's Pre-trial detention Read More
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

Bradley Manning has been in custody for 15 months; with no court date in sight. It took the US Gvt 4 years to bring Thomas Drake to trial.

27/08/2011 21:29:20 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@auerfeld it's in sight, but by all means keep calling for one to be held before both sides are ready. I'm sure #Manning would love that.

27/08/2011 22:49:53 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

.@6 the earliest possible date for #BradleyManning's court martial is now very close to the second anniversary of his arrest.

27/08/2011 23:17:36 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

.@6 Spending years in detention awaiting trial is problematic, as recognised by those who drew up the US Constitution. #bradleymanning

27/08/2011 23:18:29 WIB
Grace Lidia Suárez @gracels

.@auerfeld Manning trial delays are by defense request, right?

28/08/2011 00:09:36 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

.@gracels current delay iis pending "information from the administration", so I don't think so.

28/08/2011 00:10:30 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@auerfeld @Aporcelina Both sides recognize the complexity of the case and are taking the time they need to gather evidence and witnesses.

27/08/2011 23:23:07 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@auerfeld Those who enlist in the .mil waive certain constitutional rights, knowingly and willingly. It's an entirely different system.

27/08/2011 23:21:36 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

.@6 That's just incorrect. Members of the US military have a right to due process - do you need me to look up the reference?

27/08/2011 23:22:28 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@auerfeld Mr. Manning is receiving due process. He will have his Article 32 hearing sometime this year, & unless he pleas, a court martial.

27/08/2011 23:24:40 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

.@6 The judge who sentenced Thomas Drake was v critical of the time it took *his* case to come to trial, worth a read: http://t.co/1A9yCSe

27/08/2011 23:21:19 WIB
Jezabel Diablo @Jezabeldiablo

So according to @6 due process includes torture and a violation of rights (re: Pfc. Bradley Manning). #wrong

27/08/2011 23:57:11 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@Jezabeldiablo @auerfeld Manning's treatment at Quantico was unpleasant but wasn't torture. Twist my words and I'll have to end this convo.

28/08/2011 00:01:05 WIB
Jezabel Diablo @Jezabeldiablo

@6 If u disagree/question my qualifications, there is ample research unequivocally stating this type of treatment is torture. @auerfeld

28/08/2011 00:10:21 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@Jezabeldiablo @auerfeld The bitch of it is, there's ample research supporting just about any position one would want to take.

28/08/2011 00:12:17 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

@6 We can leave that one aside pending Juan Mendez' report. "Cruel and inhuman treatment" is still prohibited btw. @Jezabeldiablo

28/08/2011 00:03:13 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

@6 @Jezabeldiablo "cruel and degrading" is the term - excuse me.

28/08/2011 00:05:11 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@UKFriendsofBM I understand what you're pushing for, and how you think it'd help Brad, but an unprepared court martial would only harm him.

27/08/2011 23:40:36 WIB
Bradley Manning UK @UKFriendsofBM

@6 I appreciate your concern for my motivations, but you're not the person to be making that assessment.

27/08/2011 23:42:03 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@UKFriendsofBM With no offense intended, I'm at this point better-informed on the progress of the case and the state of the defendant.

27/08/2011 23:49:13 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

.@6 The former may possibly be the case, but I doubt very much the latter. What are you basing that on, as a matter of interest?

27/08/2011 23:54:35 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

@6 You're at liberty to end the convo at any point you wish, but I think you shd clarify yr ability to talk on "the state of the defendant."

28/08/2011 00:06:07 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@auerfeld I'd like to, & I'm sure you'll ridicule my response, but I'm not able to name my source. They /explicitly/ asked to be protected.

28/08/2011 00:08:37 WIB
Susanne Maier @gerge42

@6 @UKFriendsofBM So being TOLD about Manning`s condition makes u an expert of how it really IS?

28/08/2011 00:09:12 WIB
Adrian Lamo @6

@gerge42 I said "informed". I didn't say we hooked up and had pillow talk.

28/08/2011 00:10:43 WIB
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