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Journalists' tweets from #Tripoli, #Benghazi and other cities in #Libya

What it was like between 21-26 August 2011 in Libya? Here are several English-speaking journalists who are on the ground in Libya.
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Cairo: now just the 16hr drive avoiding camels. And the driver is fasting

19/08/2011 19:45:46 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

El Alamein: what must those young men have thought of this empty place in ww2?

19/08/2011 22:20:46 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Now this is road music- The Wedding Present, Interstate 5. Driver approves

19/08/2011 22:33:50 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Have pulled over for iftar at truckers stop on road to libyan border. Just need sun to set.

19/08/2011 23:34:17 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Eating my way to Benghazi (for those who wanted pics, and those who'll want to know I'm eating OK)

20/08/2011 04:04:51 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Rubbish collections seems to have been a low priority in Benghazi since I was last here #libya

20/08/2011 22:54:58 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

One question answered: water park in Benghazi looks very much closed

21/08/2011 00:20:56 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Is this the beginning of the end for Gaddafi? ask Nick Meo in Zintan and Damien McElroy in Zawiyah #libya

21/08/2011 00:49:59 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Is this the start of the Tripoli uprising? Too early to say right now

21/08/2011 04:04:19 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

RT @mchancecnn Now Nato has started up pounding tripoli. More gunshots crackling outside via @joshmull

21/08/2011 04:06:31 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Car horns and gunfire here in Benghazi tonight re news of uprising in Tripoli. Heard it all too many times before. Let's wait for morning...

21/08/2011 04:39:42 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Seems like principal hours of business for Libyan rebel leaders in Benghazi during Ramadan are 11pm - 2am. Could be a long day...

21/08/2011 13:59:45 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

LA Times with a rather more clear-eyed view of what's happening in Libya: still long way to go

21/08/2011 14:24:03 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

handy list for journalists inside LIbya created by @mikewhills #libya

21/08/2011 15:06:15 WIB
Matthew Price @_Matthew_Price

Clear the fight continues this morning in parts of #Tripoli No sign still that rebels have advanced to the city #Libya

21/08/2011 15:18:14 WIB
Matthew Price @_Matthew_Price

And now two loud thuds, explosions, not #Nato , followed by more gunfire in #Tripoli #Libya #Gadaffi

21/08/2011 15:21:52 WIB
Matthew Price @_Matthew_Price

It's pretty clear there is a huge battle going on right now in a part of #Tripoli Fighting intense #Libya #Gadaffi

21/08/2011 15:23:42 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

looks like there's a foreign warship steaming into Benghazi. Wonder why...

21/08/2011 20:35:45 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

rebel military spokesman reckons their tricolour is flying over two neighbourhoods of Tripoli #libya

21/08/2011 21:31:50 WIB
Rob Crilly @robcrilly

Plenty of questions among diplomats here in Benghazi about whether the rebels are ready to take over #libya

22/08/2011 00:00:24 WIB
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