Marijana @mscro1
@NathalieScerri @sfistrovic yes for sure #aer, nothing can replace the teacher! :)
Tamara @tamaravidovic
20 Wonderful Online Museums and Sites for Virtual Field Trips to Use in Class shar.es/1mhHF0 via @medkh9 #aer
Tamara @tamaravidovic
Take a Museum Field Trip -- Without Leaving Your Classroom! shar.es/1mhHzL via @education_world #aer
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel
@BartVerswijvel @abfromz To all Global Groovies: don't be sad, I'll still drop by once in a while. I didn't finish all my #aer tasks yet ;-)
Arjana Blazic @abfromz
Feeling a bit sad that it has already finished #aer I enjoyed every single minute learninglab.etwinning.net/web/augmented-…
Maria Panou @PanouMaria
#aer thank you very much for amazing L.E. Meet you soon pleaseeeee!!! Good bye colleagues of my heart!
Gro C Andreassen @GcfGro
@abasamet 2. Import your overlay by tapping + in the main menu. Then you tap device.#aer
Gro C Andreassen @GcfGro
@abasamet 1. You have to create your ovn overlay ( video, picture, URL, educreation ect).#aer
Samet Aba @abasamet
@GcfGro thanks a lot but unfortunately i don't have a fb account but i will check it soon #aer
Vineta Erzen @erzenvineta
@abfromz I'm still here....still feel the atmosphere. Thank you all.#aer
monica maramotti @monicamaramotti
@abfromz @abasamet Fast and furious as my 4 children at the dinner table! #aer
Reneta Raicheva @RenetaRaicheva
AR is here to celebrate European Code Week 2014...with amazing QR codes :) #aer
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