Signs of Autumn 2014 Twitter Project

Schools from all over Ireland and some from abroad participated in a Twitter Project to record the signs of autumn that they observed around their school and in their locality.
Eden Bray @TheAngelesEden

Bark beetle epidemic expected to attack pine trees in Angeles Natn'l Forest… #anfomhar

11/10/2014 04:12:34 WIB
Seomra Ranga @seomraranga

Last chance to post your pics & Autumn work to #anfomhar before I put together the Project transcript tomorrow. #edchatie

11/10/2014 01:39:42 WIB
St. Brendan's N S, Newmarket @BaileRoibin

Tráthnóna álainn anseo. Great hurling and football blitz with S.N. Móin Ruadh #anfomhar

11/10/2014 00:58:11 WIB
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Glasheen 5th Classes @glash5thclass

Some of the Autumnal images and objects that the boys came across in the school grounds!!! #anfomhar @seomraranga

10/10/2014 21:15:21 WIB
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Glasheen Boys School @glasheenboys

Ms Kealy's Rang 5/6 listened to Vivaldi's Four Seasons 'Autumn' & created a beautiful display #anfomhar @seomraranga

10/10/2014 21:12:54 WIB
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Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

In autumn, the evenings shorten and the nights lengthen - Elisha #anfómhar

10/10/2014 20:49:00 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

The sky is turning grey and the air is growing cold. Winter is on the way we're told - Katie #anfómhar

10/10/2014 20:36:11 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

The leaves lay down to sleep under bare trees - Nora #anfomhar

10/10/2014 20:34:37 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

Golden, beautiful, crispy leaves have fallen. Autumn is here – Anna Mai #anfomhar

10/10/2014 20:32:23 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

All those piles of leaves just waiting to be jumped into!! – Julia #anfomhar

10/10/2014 20:32:13 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

Dead leaves falling; autumn is calling – Orla #anfomhar

10/10/2014 20:32:06 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

All the flowers are starting to die as we wave and say goodbye – Mollie #anfomhar

10/10/2014 20:31:57 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

People pick berries from bushes! Yummy! – Sarah #anfomhar

10/10/2014 20:31:48 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

The falling leaves look like M&M’s dropping into a bowl – Karolina #anfomhar

10/10/2014 20:31:39 WIB
Rang Leanne @RangLeanne

The leaves change colour and fall from the trees – Lorraine #anfomhar

10/10/2014 20:31:31 WIB
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