The Minister of Defense and the SCAF in #Egypt

A brief but probing discussion of the murky power situation with Egypt's Minister of Defense and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. Who is really in control, and how would the balance of power shift if one of the pieces disappeared? A thought provoking series of questions from blogger Mahmoud Salem, AKA @Sandmonkey Also, be sure to see @Sandmonkey's "This is the Middle-East:"
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Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey
Question of the day: who is our minister of defense? If u say Tantawy, then how come the prime minister answers to him?
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey
2nd question of the day: if tantawi dies, how will the SCAF survive? They r all assitant ministers of defense, so if he is gone, what then?
Shereen @forsoothsayer
@Sandmonkey does our current governance arrangement make so much sense to you that you need to ask this? The army is our ruler. Period.
Sherif Saadani سعدني @ssaadani
@Sandmonkey remember SCAF -not Tantawi- is empowered by the constitution, so Tantawy has no separate legal capacity.SCAF continues as is.
Shereen @forsoothsayer
@Sandmonkey leh el e3lan el dostoory mish 3agbak? :)


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