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Morning tweeps, ready for our stories? This is the first :) #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:13:27 WIB
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This is maybe repetitive, but please be patient. Later stories will be different :) #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:15:16 WIB
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@thesplashonline would like to start its story using http://t.co/0FnNJDvI from the beginning about #eedsplash. So, be patient :)

19/09/2012 09:15:27 WIB
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19/09/2012 09:16:18 WIB
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On a fine Sunday morning some years ago, students gathered in the faculty hall. What happened? #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:16:40 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

No money supports, no drinks, no meals provided. Only a great spirit! What was it? #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:17:23 WIB
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All brought English newspapers, glues, scissors, papers, if any, but not compulsory #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:17:45 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

But ssttttt, before that, some students had secretly helped the motivator @mhsantosa to prepare something ‘delightful’! :) #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:18:43 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

Who remembered to help that time? Have your say here :) #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:19:09 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

The participants were around 70; there were 8 groups. Bright faces? Yes #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:19:26 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

The groups then worked to produce a poster about the slide #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:20:12 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

Good start? Yes! Some of EED students were in fact VERY creative! #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:20:19 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

Now, time for lunch! Remember, no money supports? Yes, the lunch was BYO haha :D #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:20:38 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

But, they maintained that great spirit, enthusiasm, and motivation! Noted #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:21:08 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

Now, each group had to use their creativity, imagination, and teamwork competencies. What was it about? #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:21:24 WIB
The Splash @thesplashonline

They cut any news, they designed, they coloured, they became leaders; they became great teams! #eedsplash

19/09/2012 09:22:14 WIB
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