Who is this "rebel spokesman"? #Libya

Confusion and fog of war everywhere.
Haaretz.com @haaretzcom

Rebel spokesman to Haaretz: Libya needs help, including Israel http://t.co/LQCZHNQ

24/08/2011 08:39:45 WIB
Haaretz.com @haaretzcom

Rebel spokesman to Haaretz: Libya needs world's help, including Israel's http://t.co/aVJrdhB

24/08/2011 14:21:17 WIB

This guy needs to go away. "Who is this rebel 'spokesman' pathetically asking Israel for help?" http://t.co/7YX9RKL #Libya #Feb17

24/08/2011 23:25:52 WIB
Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal

Libyan rebel spokesman asks for Israel's help. That's gonna go over well... http://t.co/1XankQT

25/08/2011 00:57:06 WIB
tasbeeh @THerwees

@MaxBlumenthal He's not a spokesman. The article is EXTREMELY deceptive. He's an independent politician whose political party doesn't..

25/08/2011 00:59:52 WIB
tasbeeh @THerwees

@MaxBlumenthal ...doesn't exceed a membership of 20. An opportunist.

25/08/2011 01:00:20 WIB
tasbeeh @THerwees

@MaxBlumenthal In other words, he doesn't represent the NTC - who've already pledged their support of Palestine - AT ALL in ANY manner

25/08/2011 01:03:14 WIB

@THerwees @maxblumenthal thanks for the explanation :) do you have a link quoting TNC in support of Palestinians? I wanna show it to someone

25/08/2011 01:06:10 WIB
tasbeeh @THerwees

That DAMN Haaretz article. Ugh.

25/08/2011 01:06:25 WIB
tasbeeh @THerwees

@shishibean @maxblumenthal Here's a blogpost w/ some sources I did a while ago after that whole BHL fiasco: http://t.co/ywGU4qM

25/08/2011 01:10:17 WIB
tasbeeh @THerwees

@shishibean ill look for the exact statement they made and send it your way. :)

25/08/2011 01:14:59 WIB
tasbeeh @THerwees

Not only that, but as a transitional gov't, the NTC isn't authorized to make long-term foreign-policy.decisons. @araberican

25/08/2011 01:26:06 WIB
Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal

So the "Libyan spokesman" quoted by @haaretzonline appears to be an independent not rep of NTC. @THerwees

25/08/2011 01:44:42 WIB


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