#HeatlhInsurance should win over #technology

Here is the choice. Pick what you think is best for you: a health insurance form or the latest electronic gadget!
Bupa Australia @BupaAustralia

Online offer on health insurance, tonight only! Buy between 5pm and midnight to save $$ http://t.co/NU6StcXs

14/09/2012 19:16:46 WIB
Health Matters @HealthMattersUK

RT @HI_magazine: Bupa launches student health cover from £9 a month: New product for students http://t.co/8G65ZYBN

18/09/2012 17:41:38 WIB
Employee Benefits @ADVOGroup

Bupa launches student health cover from £9 a month: New product for students http://t.co/DyjBL0pi

18/09/2012 16:50:08 WIB

@BenjaminSmith02 @BupaAustralia Used to have Bupa health insurance back in the UK. Were really good with the payouts, never a hassle.

16/09/2012 19:00:32 WIB
Bupa Australia @BupaAustralia

Between 5pm and midnight tonight = triple offer when you buy Bupa health insurance online...great way to save $$ :) http://t.co/9Eqv6aka

14/09/2012 13:41:13 WIB
School News @schoolsontap

Bupa invests £1m in primary school sport http://t.co/eOpr0WsY | EdExec

18/09/2012 19:18:09 WIB

Bupa launches health insurance for 'short-term' expats http://t.co/IBjhFaxb

16/09/2012 16:50:51 WIB
URL Storify Runners Warned to Think About Insurance Marathon runners participating in the big events this year have been urged to think about health insurance.

Life is too short. Healh is important.

Too many people don't take care of their own health! It is all good to go out and have fun but at some point, you may have to pay for the excess.

It is similar to an MOT or as a better individual example dental check-up.

Health insurance is something to consider over anything else. However and sadly, technology - such as smarthphones and mainly iPhones - seems to have become almost more important than being well and healthy.

"...Health insurance helps you to get fast access to specialists for diagnosis and helps reduce NHS waiting lists for medical care..." source: Bupa

But what is the benefit of having the latest version of such and such device if the state of a person is very bad??

The choice is yours!


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