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Tribalism in #Kenya: A Discussion

An in-depth discussion of tribalism in Kenya. Where did it come from, how does it manifest itself, and how can it be overcome? Please read, share, and comment!
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

We can't trade public positions between big tribes in Kenya. We must nurture ethnic cohesion.

23/08/2011 21:34:19 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

Can't teach old dogs new tricks RT @RobertAlai We cant trade public positions between big tribes in Kenya. We must nurture ethnic cohesion.

24/08/2011 12:44:45 WIB
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

I believe that if the Luo, Kikuyu, Luhya, Kalenjine and Kambas middle class make enough noise, they can stop tribalists in Kenya

24/08/2011 12:52:01 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

@gkgicheru @RobertAlai Kenya isnt a country of tribes but social classes. The elite appoint themselves leaving others to scramble for crumbs

24/08/2011 12:53:09 WIB

@RobertAlai I dont believe there is a middle class in Kenya

24/08/2011 12:54:12 WIB
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

@GabrielOguda Social class is the new devide after succeeding in tribalising the nation. People have been killed coz of tribe@gkgicheru

24/08/2011 12:55:40 WIB
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

@Mzolex There is a middle class in Kenya. We have the rich and the poor and the comfortable ones who wish not to fall anywhere

24/08/2011 12:56:22 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

@RobertAlai Yet these are the same ones who want to be remembered as reformers. Reforming tribalism to something more deadly. Pitiful.

24/08/2011 13:01:55 WIB

@RobertAlai And that class is also the dont care one they will never solve anything they are just as you are saying it 'comfortable'

24/08/2011 13:03:00 WIB
🐐 @Dj2one2

@gkgicheru @GabrielOguda @RobertAlai It's obvious, the big jobs are traded between tribes in power. Try being blind in another country

24/08/2011 13:06:08 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

@RobertAlai The Luo, Kikuyu, Kalenjin & Luhya middle class will NEVER make noise on tribalism. Most have benefited/still benefiting from it.

24/08/2011 13:08:24 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

@deejay2one2 ...and where is the New Constitution in all these? Didn't we promulgate a "Saviour" against Tribalism? @gkgicheru @RobertAlai

24/08/2011 13:10:18 WIB
Marvin Tumbo @marvintumbo

@GabrielOguda @RobertAlai The issue could be that Tribalism is not as rife in the Middle Class Society in Kenya.

24/08/2011 13:12:25 WIB
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

@GabrielOguda The saviour is being persecuted after the Judas Iscariot betrayals @deejay2one2 @gkgicheru

24/08/2011 13:12:35 WIB
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

@marvintumbo The middle class is the worst tribalist. He heartless, callous and they would rather hire another to kill 4 them @GabrielOguda

24/08/2011 13:14:39 WIB
🐐 @Dj2one2

@GabrielOguda @gkgicheru @RobertAlai the constitution was another tool of campaigning--someone build his political CV--months later, #nothin

24/08/2011 13:15:48 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

@marvintumbo What/whom are you comparing tribalism among the middle class to? Tribalism is being passed down generations. @RobertAlai

24/08/2011 13:18:01 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

@Shiundu In the brutal fight against tribalism, it starts with you, literally. Don't look the other way. @marvintumbo @RobertAlai

24/08/2011 13:19:48 WIB
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

@GabrielOguda Tribalism, racism, sexism and all the isms knows less of class. It is an ideology which catches on like fire @marvintumbo

24/08/2011 13:20:03 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

Morning Old Boy. Today we are discussing Tribalism & New Constitution. Lively. RT @DavidBurudi: @GabrielOguda MOBA good morning

24/08/2011 13:20:36 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

You see, now? RT @shoopiez GFF ► "@theekimutai: If there were no kikuyus in kenya the GDP would shrink by 85%."

24/08/2011 13:22:06 WIB
Francis Waithaka 💙 @waithash

@GabrielOguda @marvintumbo @RobertAlai Tribalism in .ke is embedded into our social, cultural , political & economic fabric. #sad

24/08/2011 13:23:21 WIB
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

@waithash All forms of discrimination are embedded. We can fight it by sacrificing the comfort zones @GabrielOguda @marvintumbo

24/08/2011 13:24:39 WIB
Gabriel Oguda @gabrieloguda

Just here on twitter. Check @RobertAlai's TL ... RT @DavidBurudi: @GabrielOguda where is the forum being held?

24/08/2011 13:25:23 WIB
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