#WLFind - Crowd sourcing the US State cables

US State Cables on Libya China Taiwan Cuba Germany Iran Afghanistan Poland France Turkey Romania Rwanda Israel Russia Venezuela Indonesia Syria Somalia Bahrain South Africa Yemen
WL Central @wl_central
Read the cables, tweet your findings to #wlfind Chirpstory http://t.co/su7uS1h and articles to admin@wlcentral.org http://t.co/RGiBZFW
Rixstep @rixstep
RT @eaglejorge: #wlfind C reported Brazilian mining executives' concerns about China's influence over Latin American natural resources http://t.co/5qZYgVM
ProkectMayhem @Wotansson
RT @C0d3Fr0sty: Marked "Confidential" Wikicable - QADHAFI PERSONALLY WELCOMES LOCKERBIE BOMBER http://t.co/KIoPa8f #wlfind #Libya
Ruled By Criminals @jaraparilla
Berlusconi says GM foods are "the only way to feed the world" http://t.co/qYT8WDV #Monsanto #wlfind
RT @wikileaks: Wikileaks cable on what China govt told US about 2007 changes to reporting regulations for foreign journalists http://t.co/8CpVcwd #wlfind
warwick @Wazz81
U.S. companies win $2 billion worth of infrastructure contracts as reward for "political relationship." http://t.co/CgalXHD #wlfind #auspol
meh @Nyxxisnite
RT @trelayne: #Wikileaks 1989 cable: Qhadafi talked about importance of "Arab unity"---just not the kind to likely emerge http://t.co/IJpuHF9 #wlfind
ΩYung Lew @LuIsStize
RT @les_politiques: From congratulatory note #Qadhafi sent to #Obama:"Blacks shall not have an inferiority complex and imitate the Yankees" #wlfind #Lybia
davie ewan macdonald @escalatorover
RT @aheram: ANTIWAR - "Why Libya?" Gaddafi's supranational African Union. #wlfind http://t.co/N91Podu
Kit Garrett 🏴‍☠️ @kitgender
#wlfind More on #gadaffi links to PIRA - http://t.co/BSGNmiy "THE FICTION: LIBYA DENOUNCES THE PROVISIONA… (cont) http://t.co/ynF0Uks
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