Fukushima food radiation level talk

Is Fukushima "radioactive" vegetables soup really true? Here's some discussion and Information with real data about Fukushima food radiation level.
hiroki @hirokiharoki

Japanese artist hoped his soup will create an opportunity for people to think about Fukushima's safty. (video in JPN) news.tbs.co.jp/sp/newseye/tbs…

18/10/2014 07:27:11 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

Head master of the London Fukushima inhabitants criticized him for not enough data showing with the soup performance.

18/10/2014 07:27:42 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

Japanese food radiation limit is more than 10 times stricter than EU's, but they didn't include the info with the 'radioactive soup' news.

18/10/2014 07:29:41 WIB

Artists To Serve Radioactive Soup To Express Solidarity With Fukushima http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/26/radioactive-soup_n_5890168.html?utm_hp_ref=tw
London art fair to feature Fukushima 'radioactive' veggie soup | Business Standard News: http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ani/london-art-fair-to-feature-fukushima-radioactive-veggie-soup-114092600617_1.html#.VCYsfF47mDk.twitter
福島の野菜を使ったスープのパフォーマンス、海外で話題に http://www.huffingtonpost.jp/2014/09/25/frieze-london-fukushima-soup_n_5886086.html?utm_hp_ref=tw

Cecalli Helper @Cecalli_Helper

#UK: 2 Japanese conceptual artists will offer soup made from Fukushima "radioactive" vegetables aninews.in/newsdetail11/s… Is that legal? #law

26/09/2014 17:17:13 WIB
モーリー・ロバートソン @gjmorley

@Cecalli_Helper Hi, the radioactivity level is non existent or trivial. Unfortunately it seems that the artist is playing on fears.

26/09/2014 19:34:43 WIB
Cecalli Helper @Cecalli_Helper

@gjmorley have you seen the test results with raw data?

26/09/2014 19:35:32 WIB
Cecalli Helper @Cecalli_Helper

@gjmorley if you haven't how can you be so certain of the status of the food in question? TEPCO JGov & media known to lie / misrepresent...

26/09/2014 19:47:50 WIB

Mr.Robertson asked if someone has Fukushima food radiation data or any link.

モーリー・ロバートソン @gjmorley

どなたか福島の食品の放射線量に詳しい方はおられませんか?「生のデータを見るまで信用できない」と言われているので、英語で説得したいと思っています。英文の記事が独り歩きをすでに始めているとの予感。 @Cecalli_Helper

26/09/2014 19:52:59 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

@gjmorley What kind of data do you need? Most is in Japanese. Very encouraging. The inspection here regime is thorough and well targeted.

26/09/2014 21:46:16 WIB
モーリー・ロバートソン @gjmorley

@DanielKahl お疲れ様です。I've got a bit of a situation here. May I ask your contribution? Regarding food safety levels in Japan. 英語のデータが必要みたいです。

26/09/2014 20:09:34 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

@gjmorley Dr. Hayano is THE guy 2 contact. Fukushima Pref site also has much data. I had hoped that we put this worry to rest long ago.

26/09/2014 21:58:31 WIB
モーリー・ロバートソン @gjmorley

@DanielKahl Hi Daniel, just got a ton of good data from Dr. Hayano. Trying to convince the world that Fukushima food is NOT radioactive.

26/09/2014 21:47:26 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

@gjmorley @Cecalli_Helper Dr.Ryugo Hayano's session(From 00:37:30) about BABYSCAN and communication in Fukushima ustream.tv/recorded/52464…

26/09/2014 20:13:09 WIB

BABYSCAN - unnecessary yet necessary by Dr.Hayano
in 9th Dialogue seminar of ICRP Day2:

Story 9th Dialogue seminar of ICRP, Date, Fukushima (Day2) Aug. 31th, 2014 9th Dialogue seminar of ICRP, Date, Fukushima Day2 Aug. 31th, 2014 Day1 here: http://chirpstory.com/li/227863 Japanese version (by @birdtaka) here: http://togetter.com/li/713314 3326 pv 11 1

(Video in Japanese) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1mWKIXJDtY

(From 00:37:30) about BABYSCAN and communication in Fukushima
(Video in English) http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/52464215

ryugo hayano @hayano

@gjmorley This is the “official” portal site summarizing the results of food tests bit.ly/1vlyafJ

26/09/2014 20:57:38 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

Let me state VERY clearly to all doubters. Food shipped from Fukushima is NOT radioactive. Sites/blogs claiming otherwise are frauds.

26/09/2014 22:02:32 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

There are still a few sites/blogs out there who perpetuate the MYTH that Fukushima is a "dead zone". Wake up, study, and learn.

26/09/2014 22:08:19 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

First, study geography. Know that Fukushima is a very LARGE Prefecture. Only a VERY LIMITED area w/i Fukushima is considered uninhabitable.

26/09/2014 22:10:20 WIB
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上海II @shanghai_ii 28/09/2014 19:54:46 WIB
MAFF:Response to Radionuclide Contamination in Foods after the Nuclear Power Plant Accident (PDF) http://www.maff.go.jp/e/quake/pdf/201408_response_to_radio_contami.pdf
hiroki @hirokiharoki 18/10/2014 07:34:06 WIB
Added the soup performance news info.