2014 University of South Alabama AFR101 Selma Trip

Thoughts and observations from participants in USA's African American Studies class as they examine history of freedom fighting in Selma, AL.
voting africanamerican civilrights selma
kemjacks @kemjacks
Connections to African past. 🔶 Literacy. 🔶 Establishment of economic and political freedom...AFR101 Themes. #USAAFR
Calera @CaleraNicole
What I expect to learn on this trip is the history of it all. To see the aspirations and to see how far we've come. #USAAFR
La'Toya Jones @ShanShan_19
#USAAFR I hope to learn more about what it was like back then and what Africans had to go through. I mean to be in the midst of history!
Aaron L. Howard™ @Aaron_Be_Fresh
I hope to discover a much more positive side to The events that took place in Selma and to simply find out something I didn't know #usaafr
Flo Russell @flo_russell
On my trip to Selma. I want to learn the different places people before me were during the civil rights movement. #USAAFR
iAMSAiLA @SailaSanderson
I expect to come back with a completely different mindset after I'm able to visit Selma. #USAAFR
Mary Legg @LocksOfLuv
@SailaSanderson omg u will! It was life changing for me!!!!
anne lister. @SheSings_17
i expect to gain a deeper understanding of what it was to be a black civil rights activist in the 60's. #USAAFR
QUEEN♡ @kuwmari_
I hope to gain a better understanding of the events that took place in Selma during the civil rights era #USAAFR
virgil wilson @virgilmw1
#USAAFR I expect to feel the emotional impact felt by those who originally did it.
Johnny Miller @JMilluhhh
I hope my trip to Selma gives me a better understanding of the history and culture there. #USAAFR
LadyBugBadd @AyooTattedMa
I hope to gain an understanding of the struggles we went through and physically see and participate in the march #USAAFR
Mary Legg @LocksOfLuv
I have been to Selma several times. I would like to see the expression from a younger generations gain of knowledge. #usaafr
Julius Blanks @BlanksJulius
#usaafr hope to learn things about my history as an African American in Alabama that I don't already know.
Cori B. @WOW_idc
On the field trip to Selma Alabama, I would like to experience a deeper sense of understanding the movement #USAAFR
Adrianna carpenter @driicarp
I expect to bear witness to some of the things the people particitapting in gaining voting rights went through. #usaafr
iAMSAiLA @SailaSanderson
I expect to have a better understanding of the struggle for civil rights after my experience in Selma. #USAAFR
Taylor Jenkins @teejenks22
#USAAFR I hope to learn more and something new about the walk across the Edmund Pettus bridge that John Lewis talks about in his book
Erin @erincraneedm310
I hope to discover that there has been a bigger change since the Civil Rights Movement than has been visible with recent events. #USAAFR
jasmine malone @itsjasmine25
#USAAFR its gone be nice to see some actual history and experience instead of just reading about it...
danielle aiken @AikenDanielle
Tyreis Thomas @TyreisThomas
expect for the field trip to inform us of historical events and historical sites within Selma, possibly show evolution of history #USAAFR
Alexander.D.Great @SweetJones1993
#USAAFR to see and hear something's that make me value wat I have and something that makes me get more in tune in my Afr 101 work
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