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.@AyaanHirsiAli writes our @Newsweek cover on how to end rage in the #Muslim world - read now; http://t.co/r8ERnvoA http://t.co/bwwXpvLa
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Newsweek @Newsweek
This week's Newsweek cover, on newsstands & the iPad today: #MuslimRage! Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes on how she survived it http://t.co/QPnlRtf9
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Newsweek @Newsweek
COVER STORY: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on how she survived Muslim rage-- and how we can end it http://t.co/Stl3vSbR
Newsweek @Newsweek
Want to discuss our latest cover? Let's hear it with the hashtag: #MuslimRage.
Andrew Chappelle @andrewchappelle
@newsweek. Seriously. Please tell me your site was hacked and this cover is just a joke. #muslimrage
Noaf E @noaf_e
#Muslimrage is what you get when you ask someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali "a Somali-born Dutch politician" to speak on our behalf.
Imran Jattala @ijattala
Hun? what? Newsweek chooses Ayaan Hirsi Ali example to depict #MuslimRage? WHAT AN UNEDUCATED BUNCH OF JACKASSES? Now this is #MuslimRage
Fucktard, with an x. @fxcktard
When a bunch of Muslim extremists make you look like a terrorist with ridiculous beliefs in front of the whole world. #MuslimRage
Bee Nish @Be3sBuzz
Some idiot makes a horrible movie n my streets become unsafe n my freedom r curtailed. What nonsense. #MuslimRage #NetFreedom
Saladin 📎 @AbsoIuteBanana
#Newsweek not realising theyve been struck and pulverised by the mighty #MuslimRage-train #MuslimRage
Ed Husain @Ed_Husain
Keep it in the family. Niall Ferguson bashes Obama, and his wife Ayaan Hirsi Ali slams all Muslims. Thank you, Newsweek. #MuslimRage
A @ARBassa
Terrorists murder United States Ambassador to Libya along with 3 of his staffers. #MuslimRage against the perpetrators and their violence.
A @ARBassa
@Newsweek decides to run a cover by Brevik-linked Ayaan Hirsi Ali and promote #MuslimRage as a hashtag. #MuslimRage <- See what I did there?
Rachel @rachwriteswords
Two rows of Ayaan Hirsi Ali books filling up Borders shelves on "Islam" #muslimrage
شهناز محمّد🌎 @ShanaazMohammed
Ayan Hirsi is so angry all the time. A typical example of that #MuslimRage
Jessica G. Obeid @Jessica_Obeid
#MuslimRage ???!!! try that against people dying in Syria, comunities who lack freedom, basic necessities... A real human disgrace!!
Micheal Stinson @Symbolman
Fairly sure if someone digs deep enough this #MuslimRage could be attributed to Cheney/Rove money & influence - pals in Middle East.
Michael McNally @notoserfdom
The guy on the right is raging. The guy on the left just had his foot trodden on #MuslimRage http://t.co/hypFtjjf
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Heath @HeathW1775
My suicide vest doesn't match my hijab #MuslimRage
Mai @mai_fh
this american must be mocking our religion with his long beard #MuslimRage
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