#blacklitchat with @bridgettmdavis, 9/14/14

We had a lively discussion with Bridgett M. Davis about her new novel INTO THE GO-SLOW, now available from @feministpress.
Bernadette A. Davis @BernadetteDavis

@TheBEnvelope Join us for the next chat. October will be announced soon. #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 09:16:00 WIB
Bridgett M. Davis @bridgettmdavis

Oh yes! Just wanted to share the soundtrack to the novel. I'll send the link shortly. #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 09:02:47 WIB
Jevon Oakman Bolden @jevonbolden

@bridgettmdavis That's beautiful. It blesses me to hear how authors press thru whatever it takes to bring abt a good story. #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 09:00:39 WIB
Bernadette A. Davis @BernadetteDavis

Doing the giveaway selection now, but official chat is done. Good night! #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 09:00:17 WIB
Bernadette A. Davis @BernadetteDavis

Thanks everyone for coming. Please read the book and keep talking about wonderful books. Send me recs for October, too! #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 08:59:53 WIB
Bridgett M. Davis @bridgettmdavis

I am so grateful to you! This was a wonderful way to discuss the book with book lovers. Thank you!! #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 08:59:08 WIB
Bernadette A. Davis @BernadetteDavis

@NyashaJunior #blacklitchat meets once a month on Sunday night - we move it around as needed, but always on Sun. #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 08:58:28 WIB
Chatel @Chai_Tee

@tayari: We cannot end #blacklitchat without a standing ovation for @BernadetteDavis. Welcome back,girl. We missed this time together.”!!!

15/09/2014 08:57:57 WIB
Bridgett M. Davis @bridgettmdavis

A16 Angie knew in her gut there was more to Ella's death & wanted to believe Nigel could've saved her; the truth hurt #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 08:57:51 WIB
Bernadette A. Davis @BernadetteDavis

We are so glad you made the time to chat with us @bridgettmdavis about your wonderful novel INTO THE GO-SLOW. #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 08:57:44 WIB
Bernadette A. Davis @BernadetteDavis

I think @bridgettmdavis may be have some tech difficulties and will get that last question a bit later. #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 08:57:11 WIB
Bernadette A. Davis @BernadetteDavis

Aww, thank you @tayari and everyone. I missed it, too. So glad to have you all to discuss great books. #blacklitchat

15/09/2014 08:55:25 WIB
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