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Scotland #IndyRef: Orange Order parade in Edinburgh

They want to support the "No" campaign. Not sure if it works.
Mark Brogan @macscotieuk

In the last few days of the Quebec #indyref the No campaign had 1m people on the streets campaigning.Here they have the orange order#VoteYes

13/09/2014 16:08:13 WIB
Lennie: always Antifa @drgs100

Cycled passed Holyrood, Polis told the Orange Order will be out. Not the best advert for the Union in my experience. #indyref

13/09/2014 16:02:15 WIB
Tom Knowles @tkbeynon

Huge Orange Order march in Edinburgh. Here's why many Protestants from N. Ireland will be travelling to join them.…

13/09/2014 16:02:08 WIB
Conor Sharkey @ConorSharkeySC

The sooner the Orange Order realise there is a place for them in an independent Scotland, same as there is in a united Ireland, the better.

13/09/2014 16:01:44 WIB
Highland Radio News @HighlandNews

President Higgins confirms Orange Order Rossnowlagh invite: The President has confirmed he has been formally i...

13/09/2014 15:57:11 WIB
STV Edinburgh @STVEdinburgh

More than 10,000 people are expected for the Orange Order's pro-Union march starting at 11am today:

13/09/2014 16:10:36 WIB
The Guardian @guardian

Scottish independence referendum: Orange Order holding pro-union rally in Edinburgh - live @GdnPolitics

13/09/2014 16:07:58 WIB
Jungle Jim @JimSleith

Orange Order march highlights delicacy of enduring sectarian issues for Scotland… via @ConversationUK

13/09/2014 16:07:12 WIB
Naomi O'Leary @NaomiOhReally

Thousands of unionists have gathered in Edinburgh's Meadows for what is expected to be Scotland's biggest ever Orange Order march #indyref

13/09/2014 16:05:38 WIB
karen H @micha4768

Orange order parade in Edinburgh Yes voters advised to stay away ffs typical of them to bring # religion into the vote YES

13/09/2014 16:06:00 WIB
Anoor Nahaf🦄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌈 @MonsGraupius

Vile and disgusting turncoat quisling Orange Order apologists "the Scotsman" release stomach-churning rigged poll.

13/09/2014 16:08:57 WIB
Stigweird85 @Stigweird85

Largest Orange order march ever seen in Scotland happens today? Will there be coverage? Nope 25k march for NHS, Coverage? Nope #indyref

13/09/2014 16:09:15 WIB
Heather Williams @heatherw1976

Leaflet left by orange order on my car at the meadows they don't get yes isn't about @AlexSalmond #indyref

13/09/2014 16:09:14 WIB
Expand pic
Lee @LeeCraigWright

This is exactly what the the yes campaign need today an orange order in Edinburgh could just be the final hammer in the coffin #indyref

13/09/2014 16:05:21 WIB
𝗟𝗶𝗺𝗺𝘀 @ShawlandsLim

Today, the Orange Order will make not one undecided voter vote No. The amount they could make vote Yes could be huge. This is utter madness

13/09/2014 16:12:29 WIB
Morna Simpson @girlgeeks

Orange Order: "The 'No' campaign has []not shown enough passion for the Union, look out, here comes some passion."…

13/09/2014 16:12:56 WIB
Tom Pearson @tom7p

Hopefully the Orange Order march will b peaceful. If it isn't... Orange Order is nothing to do with the independence debate/modern Britain

13/09/2014 16:14:53 WIB
Adam Gavin @adam_gavin

Nigel Farage, IDS and the Orange Order. Enough said. #voteyes #indyref

13/09/2014 16:14:55 WIB
Laura Jones @laurafjones

Is today a day to stay in and get some reading done? Orange Order and Freshers weekend...might be a bit scary out there.

13/09/2014 16:15:01 WIB
Kingdom of Style @KingdomOfStyle

At a loose end today so was going to go to Edinburgh for new ballet shoes but the Orange Order are out marching for the 'No' campaign. Yikes

13/09/2014 16:15:19 WIB
James McEnaney @MrMcEnaney

Could we all just take a moment to thank the Orange Order for their fantastic work in support of the #Yes campaign today? #indyref

13/09/2014 16:15:36 WIB
Tom Gordon @HTScotPol

Seems like more cops than tourists on Canongate as Edinburgh prepares for Orange Order march for the Union

13/09/2014 16:15:51 WIB
Bob Rae @BobRae48

And Orange Order on other side..."@Itwitius@: I note that Kim Jong Un and N Korea support of Scottish independence .…"

13/09/2014 16:18:17 WIB
danny @DannyGarn

Ahhh the orange order one of the biggest problems in Scotland's society. #sectarianism #VoteYes #Scotland #indyref

13/09/2014 16:15:06 WIB
Mr B @39Forty

The orange order telling Scottish folk to vote No based on the outcome of a 1 day battle in Ireland 320 years ago? Riiiiight. #indyref

13/09/2014 16:19:55 WIB
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