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#thelistening The Art of Chill by @NittyScottMC

Nitty Scott is not just a pretty face. She's "an activist who rhymes" and teaches the art of chill through super personal, super lyrical conscious rap. Clap for her. Ms. Nitty Scott, the emcee...
serena @_chynaberri

@NittyScottMC "Never let a man abuse you or use you.. He reduce you well then he gotta LOSE YOU" #thelistening

12/09/2014 09:26:55 WIB
(((gelle))) @gelle6

What he said -pleasure having u. MT @hiphophopedlrs: @Poetic_Dragon Peace. Thx 4 being part of the convo. #thelistening. We're a community.

12/09/2014 09:27:17 WIB
(((gelle))) @gelle6

.@hiphophopedlrs Peezie, They wanna know what Nitty Scott raps about. #thelistening

12/09/2014 09:13:45 WIB
Travellin Man @daclevernerd

@gelle6 most def. I think @infinitewords14 said it best, this is a time when an album like this is needed @hiphophopedlrs #thelistening

12/09/2014 09:07:46 WIB
(((gelle))) @gelle6

Most def. We get why 'The Art of Chill' MT @hiphophopedlrs: @NittyScottMC Thank u. We appreciate & support what u do. #Salute #thelistening

12/09/2014 09:08:23 WIB
Christopher Smith @infinitewords14

Props to @NittyScottMC on The Art of Chill, looking forward to hearing a whole lot more! #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:51:35 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

Trying to do more when I'm talking bout less. I stress, quantity ain't always quality. @NittyScottMC #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:51:09 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

Muchas gracias...won't you join us next week too?!?!?! #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:52:44 WIB
Travellin Man @daclevernerd

"They play the game like checkers when I'm talking bout chess trying to do more when I'm talking bout less" @NittyScottMC #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:54:29 WIB
Travellin Man @daclevernerd

Much love to @NittyScottMC for creating such a dope album one of my favs this year. Can't wait to see the visuals #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:59:28 WIB
(((gelle))) @gelle6

Rough draft aftr rough draft... and now they callin me celebrity - only thing I give a damn abt is my integrity #thelistening 'Afterglow...'

12/09/2014 09:02:38 WIB
(((gelle))) @gelle6

'Afterglow Outro' They say greatness gets better with time. The Art of Chill by @NittyScottMC #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:59:46 WIB
(((gelle))) @gelle6

'Afterglow Outro' & diamonds need a while fo they hit the display so I guess I see myself in a similar way #thelistening #theysaygreatness

12/09/2014 08:57:07 WIB
(((gelle))) @gelle6

'Afterglow Outro' let me Michelangelo my Sistine Chapel. you know they say Rome wasn't built in day... #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:55:37 WIB
(((gelle))) @gelle6

oh yeah. I'm feeling like that. dopest chair dance everrrr. RT @hiphophopedlrs: @gelle6 started dancing to Afterglow #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:50:53 WIB
One Bad Brilliance @2kind_by_Design

#thelistening the power of the work of @NittyScottMC requires multiple listens to fully grasp her spirit and live on every line

12/09/2014 08:47:26 WIB
Christopher Smith @infinitewords14

@NittyScottMC has changed the game with 'The Art Of Chill' whether you get it now or 5 years down the line...#thelistening

12/09/2014 08:36:20 WIB
Travellin Man @daclevernerd

"Now they calling me celebrity only thing I give a damn about is my integrity" @NittyScottMC #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:53:44 WIB
Nitty Scott @NittyScottMC

boombox fam: join the convo on twitter at 9pm EST for #thelistening, a live chat reviewing dope albums! this week it's #TheArtOfChill.

12/09/2014 07:43:16 WIB
Travellin Man @daclevernerd

"I stress quantity ain't always quality so let me formulate my prophecy" @NittyScottMC #thelistening

12/09/2014 08:55:21 WIB
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