Tableau Conference 2014 at Seattle Vol.3(September 10 2014) #data14

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Robert Kosara 👁📺 @eagereyes

Good morning! What better way to wake up than with a storytelling focus group in the Columbia room in the Sheraton at 7:30? #data14

10/09/2014 21:01:53 WIB
Robert Kosara 👁📺 @eagereyes

The Sheraton is one block down Pike Streeet from the convention center. #data14

10/09/2014 21:02:26 WIB
Robert Kosara 👁📺 @eagereyes

We’ll have coffee! And breakfast! And pot! Okay, no pot. But coffee, lots of. #data14

10/09/2014 21:04:13 WIB
Alberto Cairo @AlbertoCairo

Should I send one of my Borg minions to tweet? MT @eagereyes G. morning! What better way to wake up than w storytelling focus group? #data14

10/09/2014 21:06:10 WIB
Digital Analytics Italia @DigAnalytics_it

Thanks Tableau for the nice night out @ Seattle Center!!!! #data14

10/09/2014 21:07:16 WIB
Paul Chapman @cheeky_chappie

Hmmm turn up for a non existent 7am session with @DGM885 & @interworks #data14 did I really imagine that!

10/09/2014 21:07:17 WIB
Paul Chapman @cheeky_chappie

@albertocairo @jschwabish haha just did the same! Btw are you still at #data14? Be great to say hi and get your book signed

10/09/2014 21:08:46 WIB
Robert Kosara 👁📺 @eagereyes

Just in case “focus group” scares you, it’s really just a friendly, open discussion. We want to hear your thoughts and opinions. #data14

10/09/2014 21:09:05 WIB
Cloud Server Hosts @besthosts

Is Tableau a Canvas for Innovation? #data14 Unleash creativity and the world will never be the same. The words c...

10/09/2014 21:10:17 WIB
votehimout @JenniferLaPorta

Looking forward to hearing @neiltyson speak today at the tableau conference in Seattle! #data14

10/09/2014 21:10:20 WIB
Ted J. Wasserman @tedwas

You a Tableau Mobile user? Come join us at our Mobile Focus Group this AM at #data14. Sheraton Hotel, 4th Fl, University Room 7:30am.

10/09/2014 21:14:14 WIB
Alteryx @alteryx

Don't miss Anthony Johnson of #Alteryx present on "Data Blending for Tableau" #Data14

10/09/2014 21:15:03 WIB
Tableau Software @tableau

Who's the most entertaining #data14 tweeter? Backstage we're enjoying @wjking0. #tcLegends

10/09/2014 21:17:21 WIB
Jared Everett @LifebyJared

Thanks @tableau for #data14's Data Night Out. Great food, great fun, great view

10/09/2014 21:18:39 WIB
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InterWorks @interworks

We're going to reschedule Dan Murray's mini session at the @alteryx booth for later today. Stay tuned! #data14

10/09/2014 21:19:24 WIB
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